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Gaming Brew: Cyberpunk 2077 – Should I Get a Refund?

Cyberpunk 2077 has had a controversial release, to say the least, from its transphobic content to numerous bugs to zero optimization for older consoles.

After taking full responsibility, the heads at CD Projekt Red offered all console owners a full refund for those on consoles. Shortly after this, PlayStation removed the game from their online store.

Obviously, the game was not finished despite the many delays, and CDPR mismanaged the entire project. Not to mention, the company abused media coverage in a false advertisement scam of massive proportions.

Given all these facts, any gamer is well within their rights to demand a refund.

But should they?

While I feel for those with the older editions of the PS4 and Xbox One, I have had minimal problems with the game on my latest edition PS4 Pro. Yes, I’ve dealt with bugs and glitches, and it has even crashed on my console twice, but I’ve also had plenty of fun.

The graphics are perfectly fine for me, even if not top-of-the-line PC worthy, and the game is enjoyable. I simply have to remember to save regularly just in case, something most gamers do anyway (and the auto-save occurs pretty often).

For all of its programming flaws, my console experience is far more positive than negative. I’ve seen the same from my PC and later-edition/version console friends.

That doesn’t mean I think people shouldn’t ask for a refund. For some people, the game truly is unplayable and may never be on their particular console. However, for the rest, I wonder if they haven’t joined the haterade bandwagon and are showing less patience than they would other games.

Modern gamers can become so entitled they expect nothing but 100% perfection, especially if a game is hyped. When the product isn’t perfect or merely doesn’t fit their subjective desires, they’re ready to toss the whole thing and go full keyboard warrior on the Internet.

I recall when No Man’s Sky didn’t fit everyone’s expectations, with false advertising accusations. Everyone crapped on the game, even as the developers put out new patches and content.

However, I never joined that hype train; I watched the trailers, thought No Man’s Sky looked exciting, and bought it. I continued to play the game even as it was blasted and enjoyed every minute of my aimless exploration – that game was my daily Moment of Zen.

CDPR has promised new patches in January and February to fix the numerous bugs and glitches, as well as proper optimization for older consoles. Many people don’t want to wait and are instead asking for refunds.

I’m not one of them.

I was excited by Cyberpunk 2077, and I’m still enjoying the game, despite its flaws. I’m willing to wait in the hopes that the bugs and glitches will slowly disappear as CDPR does its thing.

Even if it takes a while, or never happens, my time in Night City has still been well spent. I hold no regrets for my purchase, and this wouldn’t be the first game I’ve bought with numerous problems.

In the end, it’s up to each player whether the game is worth keeping (in the hopes of future fixes) or should be refunded. I just ask those who have a (mostly) playable version to patiently weigh the good against the bad.

Buggy games aren’t new and can still be enjoyable, so if you’re mostly having a good time, why quit?

Reviews, social media, and hype will forever be a part of the zeitgeist. Still, it’s important to listen to your own likes & dislikes, and make decisions for yourself.

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