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Review Brew – Zoe VS the Green Flashes

It’s time to meet the Awesomely Perfectly Me Girls!

Writers: Raquel Whiting Gilmer & Yvonne Wilkins
Illustrator: Joel Ignacio
Publisher: Awesome Perfectly Me Girls

Zoe vs the Green Flashes is a comic in the Awesome Perfectly Me Girls comic series. The series centers on Zoe, a young girl who has had self-esteem issues caused by mean girls and bullies in her class. She has found a way to overcome those feelings and now tries to pass on those notions of empowerment. Little does she know, not only is she a young lady deserving love and respect, but she is a superhero as well!

Zoe vs the Green Flashes begins on a summer day at the beach. Zoe is feeling great about herself and her cute new swimsuit. She greets some girls from her class, but gets upset when she realizes that they are making fun of Abby, another classmate who does not have a skinny frame like the mean girls. Zoe comforts Abby, but starts feeling low self-esteem herself. Suddenly, she notices green flashes around the beach and excuses herself to investigate. She is confronted by Adversit, an invisible green alien from Planet V and her minions the Naysayers, who only Zoe can see. Adversit gains power by making girls feel bad about themselves. Zoe will not stand for that, and that’s where the adventure begins…

Zoe vs the Green Flashes is a great story of girl power and not letting others tear you down. The writer makes characters that are great role models for young girls that feel bad about themselves and helps them see the power that every girl has within. Zoe is a girl to look up to and her helping another girl, even when she gets made fun of too, is a good message. The art is cute, kind of an anime style which I liked. I would like to read the rest of the series.

4 Karate Chops out of 5

Review written by Lily DiNello (With some help from dad)

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