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This Week In WTF 8/24/2020

Another week, another collection of oddities that get lost in the sea of actual horrible news.


Let’s just get into the insanity, shall we?

Chocolate Rain

Peeing Statue

Deadpool I'm A Ninja

Spider-Man I Ain't Doing Nothing

The Office Raise The Roof

Surfing Cow

Conan The Librarian

That does it for this week. As always, if you see something WTF-worthy hit me up in the comments or find me on Twitter.

About Ron Burr (66 Articles)
Husband, pastor, comedian, trivia host, armchair American historian, owner of too many pets. founder of @dropthree & Twittering as @arrpeebee

2 Comments on This Week In WTF 8/24/2020

  1. Thank you. I just spat out my coffee at a few of these. You’d think I would learn to not be drinking/eating when reading the Weekly WTF…

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