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Gaming Brew – ‘Horizon: Forbidden West’ Announced

With the lack of E3 this year, gamers have had to be eagle-eyed with the announcements of our most-anticipated upcoming titles. That being said, many of us here at PCU were super-thrilled to see the announcements for the sequel to one of our highest-rated games ever.

Yes dear readers, it’s coming: Horizon: Forbidden West.

With this new installment, Horizon Zero Dawn‘s post-apocalyptic world will continue on the PS5. In a twist to this story, however, it seems that organic life is making a resurgence on the planet. With that new life comes new threats, however. Freak storms are destroying vegetation & plant life, while new robotic creatures (mastodons, pterodactyls, and giant tortoises, oh my!) make a debut. On top of all of this, it seems that Aloy‘s one-time mentor / antagonist – Sylens – has returned (hopefully along with Lance Reddick voicing the character). As always, his motivations are a mystery, but something tells us that his methods will be more nefarious this time around…


Finally, Aloy will also get the chance to explore new environments this time around. It looks like we may get some new ways to navigate the lush & diverse world of Horizon Zero Dawn: The Forbidden West. In what may be seen as a logical progression of character abilities, players will get to explore underwater ruins and discover more secrets left behind by the “Old Ones” (i.e. present-day humanity); opening up a whole new aspect of this masterpiece of a story that Guerrilla Games has created.

HZD 2 two

There’s currently no release date set for Horizon: Forbidden West, but we do know that this title will be a PS5 exclusive. Frankly, we’re SUPER psyched for this one!

What do you all think, dear readers? Are you as excited for Guerrilla Games’ next offering? Let us know in the comments below, and follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more!


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