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This Week In WTF: Quarantine Edition 1

The #WeeklyWTF is back and this time it is going stir crazy from being trapped in the house!

We’re all gonna be indoors for a while so here’s the best of what’s out there (that we cannot experience ourselves right now).

Effin Birds See You In Hell

I've Made A Huge Mistake

Hooray Beer

Homer You Have To Speak Up I'm Wearing A Towel

I'm A Virgin This Is An Old Shirt

Ted Cruz That Wasn't A Fart

Oh No Baby What Is You Doing

Jesus Christ Has Left The Chat

Wallace Gromit Penguin


Good Afternoon Class Good Boy

Okay. That’s it for now. Stay inside, but if you must go out practice safe social distancing and wash your damn hands A LOT. Although honestly I’m a little bummed that the last point has to be said at all, pandemic or not.

Unless we all go full Contagion I will be here again in about a week with more distractions for you. Until then, if you see something WTF-worthy drop me a line in the comments or hit me up at @arrpeebee. See you later, as long as it is at least 6 feet away.

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Husband, pastor, comedian, trivia host, armchair American historian, owner of too many pets. founder of @dropthree & Twittering as @arrpeebee

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