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Review Brew: Red Hood-Outlaw #41

The family that foils world ending plots together…

Writer: Scott Lobdell
Artist: David Messina
Colors: Rex Lokus
Letters: ALW’s Troy Peteri
Covers: Dan Mora; Phillip Tan; Marc Deering; Jay David Ramos
Editor: Harvey Richards; Jamie S. Rich
Publisher: DC Comics

This issue is a lovely wrap up of the Generation: Outlaw arc as Bizarro, Artemis and Jason are finally reunited, Jason gains one more baby super and the gang relocate to somewhere that isn’t actively trying to kill them.

Lodell takes us to the intervening months after Jason’s brutal, and ultimately unwarranted, beating by Bruce (great detective work there, Bruce) as Jason recovers with what’s left of his actual family: Roy. It’s a gut punch as the events of Heroes In Crisis, good and bad, are still lingering and I honestly hadn’t expected to see Roy, even in flashback form, so soon. We then jump to now, as Generation: Outlaw continue, unwittingly on their end, to become an actual team, and more importantly, a family. With Jason down due to being attacked by a brainwashed Bizarro and Artemis and Veritas also being mind-controlled the kids do a damn fine job of working together to save their teachers and themselves. It’s really adorable but again it leaves me questioning what exactly is Lex’s endgame here as he’s too smart not to know that having Jason Todd as their teacher would not turn them into super villains or heroes but help them just be themselves.

David Messina takes over artwork duties this issue and there’s a fluidity to his work that I really like. Everything is soft yet powerful, whether it’s the eyes of a panicking Cloud 9 or the battle between G:O and The Outlaws before everyone is brought back to their senses, each panel is gorgeous and helps tell the story.

Now that Jason’s family is reunited, well almost, what happens next no one knows. Though, with recent reality warping events an old foe might just be back soon.

Five Bases Out of Five

PS: Did we just get confirmation about Jason’s sexuality this issue or was that just me?

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