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This Week In WTF 12/20/2019

Time to let the internet air its grievances.

So…what are YOU doing this weekend?

It’s been a few weeks since I posted. Not due to a lack of WTF-ery, only because too much life got in the way. I have returned, however, with some morsels with which to gird your metaphorical loins as you prepare to see the family members you *have* to see this time of year. Here’s hoping this will help. Now, without further ado…

I Want A Fucking Car Right Fucking Now

Black Panther Starbucks

Squirrel Christmas Tree

One Of The Most Idiotic Things Anyone Has Ever Said

Carlin 7 Dirty Words

H Jon Benjamin Arby's

How Much For Just One Rib

Spongebob Patrick Smells Good

I will end my article with my gift to you. For those of you who like me tore through the newspaper every morning to read Gary Larson’s daily dose of absurdist brilliance (for me, always followed by Bill Watterson so I could have the alpha and omega of printed comedy genius), enjoy the trip down memory lane. For those who did not get to have this unique pleasure I almost envy your chance to start fresh and experience it for the first time.

Now Grog Throw

That’s it for me. If you see anything that you think is WTF-worthy hit me up in the comments below or find me on Twitter at @arrpeebee.

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