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TV Brew: Supernatural – Golden Time

The gang is almost back together…



Ruth Connell as Rowena

Belle: I’m honestly surprised it took as long as it did for someone to try and jack Rowena’s stuff.
Although, considering these were witches and they knew how powerful Rowena was the fact that they honestly thought they could get in there and it wouldn’t blow up in their faces is amazingly dumb.

Paul: Yeah, it ended up being the three stooges that attempted the heist.

Belle: Dean and Castiel are massively depressed btw. These idiots, they know they’re stronger together.

Paul: They just both need to swallow their pride, admit mistakes were made, and kiss and make up. Cas and Dean separated are spiraling even worse than we thought. 

Belle: Exactly. However, the bonus is we get Eileen back and Sam is now the most powerful witch on the planet. Which is not how I saw that shite going down. This show has not been playing around with the twists.

Paul: The power is part of the Chuck plan though. Neither brother does well with extra human powers.

Belle: I hadn’t thought of that but I don’t think so. Rowena was a wild card for him and Lucifer. Her closing the gates of hell like she did wasn’t in the plan.

Paul: Point. Especially as I think the only plan Chuck has at this point is the end game. He is a crappy writer who doesn’t think the how we got there is as important or even more so than the ending

Belle: Which is why he’s missing the details and the devil is in the details.

Honestly, this wasn’t the strongest episode of the season, it was set up. The witches storyline and the sheriff storyline were all about bringing Eileen and Cas back to the fold. Which, now that you’ve said the above, makes me worried they were brought back just to make Sam and Dean suffer even more by losing them. Again.

However, Rowena bequeathing Sam her entire stash gives him some serious potential firepower against Chuck now that Lilith has destroyed The Equalizer.



Misha Collins as Castiel

Paul: I’m excited to see the next all star to make an appearance.

Belle: Same. I’m also wondering who is going to be next in the guest stars as a lot of famous people want to be on the show or became famous after they left the show.

Paul: I hope Pellegrino makes an appearance at least one last time. Sheppard too.

Belle: I don’t know, I think the Lucifer/Nick storyline got wrapped up pretty definitively. I’d much rather see Mark Sheppard back; I also wouldn’t mind seeing Sterling K. Brown and Leslie Odom Jr back either, I know both their characters died but that means nothing on this show!

Paul: I’d like Kurt Fuller to show up for a hot take, even in passing like in The Empty.

Belle: LOL. That would be great.

Paul: Like ‘Curse you CAS!!!’ Or, something like that. 

Belle: Hahahahaha!

Paul: I almost feel like Jon Hamm used Fuller as a model playing Gabriel in Good Omens.

Belle: I can definitely see that, which is hilarious when you know how much of an influence on this show Gaiman is.

The British Invasion

Shoshannah Stern as Eileen Leahy

Belle: Oh shite, I just caught the ‘Show Death a loophole and she closes it.’ line. So, no one else is coming back. Also, I thought it was interesting that Emily was so awful. It was a lesson for Sam in not everyone wanting to be saved.

Paul: Yeah Death on this show is like the Kobayashi Maru test from Star Trek. Once you think you have it beat, it changes the parameters of the game, but the boys are like Kirk: I don’t believe in the no win scenario.

Belle: Ohhh, good comparison and yeah, they just had to be reminded of who they are. However, maybe in this instance Billie will use it to her advantage? To stop whatever the hell Chuck is up to?

Paul: That is possible and god will get reaped

Belle: Again Chuck is so focused on Sam and Dean and not paying attention to the fact that he’s made enemies of Billie and Amara. For no damn reason other than he’s a spoiled brat.

Paul: Exactly, like a kid playing with his earth LEGO set and when his sister wanted to play too, he kicked her out of the tree house.

Belle: I do love that moment that the Djinn realized he done messed up when he shot Cas. That shite was amazing. Gawd I love Eileen so much. I do not want to see her die again.

Paul: I hope they just leave her as is, fate undecided.

Belle: Yes, I just want her and Sam to be together and have powerful hunter witch babies. With glorious hair. Ohh, maybe reestablish the MOL without them being massive douchebags. I feel like Cas and Dean are bound to have a tragic Greek mythology level ending but Sam will get his normal life, it just won’t be what he thought it was all those years ago. He could even go back to law school because having a hunter/witch who was a lawyer in the MOL would actually come in handy.

Paul: I also expect to see bizzaro Charlie and Bobby again.

Belle: Yes, we definitely will. Plus, we’re getting Christian Kane which, I can’t believe it’s been almost 20 years since they moved to Los Angeles together, and he and Jensen haven’t been on a single television show together at the same time. I think they were both on Dawson’s Creek but not during the same season and I’d honestly have to look that up.

jensen ackles and christian kane

Jensen Ackles and Christian Kane as themselves

Book of Letters
I’m still amused that this is Keegan Connor Tracey’s third appearance on the show, and the first one with her actual accent.

‘We’re the guys who break the rules…’ aka the thesis statement of the show tbh.

Visions Of The Future

Belle: I can’t believe we only have two episodes before the break. Mind you I’m going into tomorrow night unspoiled so what do we think is going to happen with this old friend of Dean’s?

Paul: They’ll leave us hanging with some crazy ass shit, like Michael coming back and Dean’s friend is probably a shapeshifter or demon possessed

Belle: Oh, that’s pretty much exactly what’s going to happen, at least as far as Michael is concerned. It’ll be even worse than Prodigal Son leaving us hanging last episode.
Hmmm, do you think Chuck will be behind both events? 

Paul: No, it’s a detail and Chuck sucks at the fine print

Belle: Facts.

Do you think Eileen is going to be able to adjust from her time in Hell? How long before we get a Michael sighting?   Let us know in the comments and follow us on Twitter and Instagram @pcuncovered as we live tweet the show! 

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