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A/V Brew: The Black Widow Trailer

We should have gotten this movie years ago but it has the potential to be good.

The Black Widow trailer dropped early this morning and I had mixed emotions. It feels like it has the potential to be a great movie but it’s being released at the wrong time. Ideally this film would have been released before Endgame as it chronologically occurs between it and Infinity War. While this isn’t the first time Marvel has done this (see Captain Marvel) the events of Endgame have removed any real threat to Natasha as we know her ultimate fate.

As it’s a teaser trailer we’re not touching on a lot of new ground, but it’s one of our first opportunities to see the plot details that have been hinted at in previous films. It’s been established that Natasha is going back to Russia to shut down the Red Room, the division of the Russian government responsible for her training and forced sterilization. The unexpected part is that she’ll be aided by her entire family.

The trailer reveals that her mother, Melina (Rachel Weisz) and sister Yelena Belova aka Black Widow II (Florence Pugh) had also been trained in the Red Room. While it was previously announced that the Red Guardian (David Harbour), Russia’s answer to Captain America would be in the film, I don’t believe it was mentioned that he is Natasha’s father. So, with the loss of her Avengers family, it looks like Natasha will be relying an her original family for help.

Taskmaster, the primary villain of the film appears briefly, we’ll have to look forward to future trailers to get more information on his role. Perhaps Taskmaster, Yelena and finally getting a Black Widow movie after years of begging by fans (or an appearance by Dottie Underwood), will be enough to get butts in seats as, unfortunately, Scarlett Johansson’s continued problematic behavior offscreen and Natasha Romanov’s fate onscreen have soured a lot of people on all things Widow.

Black Widow drops in May 2020.

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