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TV Brew: Supernatural – Proverbs 17:13

Oh. My. Chuck.

Proverbs 17:3


Katherine Boecher as Lilith

Paul: WHAAAATTT? Lilith???

Belle: I KNOW!

Paul: I did not see that coming.

Belle: So. Holy. Shite. And here we thought this was going to be a one off!

Paul: Also, Chuck once said that he couldn’t get beings out of The Empty. So how did he get Lilith out?

Belle: Chuck is a damn liar. Which they established with the Kevin episode which now makes a lot more sense.

Paul: Isn’t that like one of the commandments, thou shall not lie or something? It has been a long time since my Sunday school days…

Belle: Yes, it is, it’s like one of the first ones. He’s just breaking his own rules left and right. Because he’s a jackass.

Paul: He is like a petulant child who throws a tantrum when he doesn’t get his own way.

Belle: Which is why Amara is done with his shite. I wonder how much of her previous behavior was directly because of that.

Honestly there’s so much to unpack from that episode, the least of which is Lilith’s extremely revealing and creepy return.

Paul: It just begs the question of how many other dearly departed the boys will have to face down, Raphael, Zach, etc? I hope they leave it somewhat open for maybe a tv movie here or there down the road. Maybe original Death!

Belle: I want him and Billie both on my screen. I love them both. Ohhhh what about Tessa???

Paul: The Four Horsemen ride once more!

Belle: Anything that brings Titus Welliver back to this show with his lickable self is fine by me.

Paul: Ha!

Belle: Also, can we talk about how this show is becoming a master class on how to wrap up a series? There is no wasted moments, characters, history.

Literally every episode ties into the history of the show, every character we see is important.

Paul: Except the dumbass mother and daughter townies in episode one. They are cancelled.

Belle: Forever.


Dean and Ashley

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester and Anna Grace Barlow as Ashley/Lilith

 Belle: I gotta say, the setup that Chuck and Lilith gave was so perfect. If only Ashley had been an ambiguously brown brunet Lilith would’ve been able to hop Dean’s bones way easier. Or a dude who looked like Cas. That would’ve worked too…
Speaking of, is Cas not answering because he doesn’t want to or because he can’t?

Paul: I honestly don’t know. He and Dean are going through such a hard time right now and he still doesn’t know that Chuck is back, much less Lilith.  

Belle: Anna Grace Barlow was fantastic. She really captured Lilith’s pure evil. I truly didn’t see that coming, I thought she was going to turn and they were going to have to get her to someone who would help her. A subtle thing I noticed on rewatch is from the moment Dean and Sam meet ‘Ashley’ the camera angles are off, just a bit. It’s such a subtle, smart visual cue that something is up that I only noticed when I rewatched the episode.  The boys should’ve just stabbed her when they had the chance though. It might not have killed her but an angel blade and a demon blade in the guts would’ve slowed her ass down.

Paul:  I thought something was up when she survived. I think it might have been Lilith’s influence more than just a charitable werewolf. Also, apparently Chuck put out that no one can kill Dean and Sam but each other, which is…upsetting. On top of his newly revealed, and even by Lilith’s standards, pervy obsession with Dean.

Belle: Yeah, Chuck’s writing was a bit too on the nose in this one, which I loved. If Lilith hadn’t overplayed her damsel in distress hand the boys would’ve thought it was weird but wouldn’t have seen the danger until it was too late.
It’s also very telling what Dean and Sam’s weapons of choice were, the Angel and Demon blades respectively.

Paul: It has always been an epic struggle between the dark and the light. Their lives have always been yin and yang

Belle:  I just realized that Sam and Dean have no idea that Amara is in play. Which is why Dean is just heartsick. I know Sam wants them to fight but Dean is just done with all of this.

Paul: I hope that somehow Amara & Dean end up together, even if it is the afterlife.

Belle:  As much as I’ve grown to love Amara, I need it to be Castiel and Dean. Not just because I’m a shipper but because I’m tired of media Queer baiting with no payoff. Meanwhile, we’ve been seeing Chuck’s endings in Sam’s dreams and each one is more horrifying than the last. So that’s fun.

Paul: Well after the Becky Infinity War style take out, he might just have the “perfect” ending in mind.

Belle: His ultimate ending is clearly the boys killing each other and that apparently ending this world. Which…eep.


Jared Padelecki as Lucifer

Book of Letters
Dean eating the Ghost Pepper Jerky reminded me of this which is even funnier when you know that Dax and Jensen are friends IRL.

Dean’s denial of how different he looks cracks me up, even though, let’s be real, Sam looks far more different than he did before.

The one brother looked so much like Oscar Isaac it was uncanny.

I love that Lilith was still trying to get into Dean’s pants even after the jig was up.

Can Amara can make a new Equalizer?

sam and deanVisions Of The Future
Belle: So, wrap up for the episode?

Paul: The bitch is back!  

Belle: …and everything is on fire!

What other surprises and blasts from the horrible past does Chuck have in store? Let us know in the comments and follow us on Twitter and Instagram @pcuncovered as we live tweet the show!

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