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TV Brew: Supernatural – Atomic Monsters

Oh, Chuck. What have you done?

Becky Rosen

Emily Perkins as Becky Rosen

Belle: So, it was a one off episode last week. Yet…

Paul: This week is a monster of the week too. Although last week has major main plot developments. Chuck has lost his damn mind.

Belle: OMG has Chuck lost his mind, and the boys have no idea he’s still in play. Which ties into the return of Becky. Listen up, I hate Becky Rosen. It’s the same reason I hate Wanda Maximoff: if a dude did even a 10th of the horrible things she did he’d be vilified by fans and writers but because she’s a big eyed waif we’re supposed to just let it go. No, thank you.

Before we get into that we have to talk about that that opening sequence. Holy shite, is it wrong that I find Jensen Ackles and Dean Winchester at their hottest when they’re just mowing people down?

However, the biggest thing is: Sam isn’t Lucifer. He’s Sam with all of Lucifer’s powers.
…what dafuq did Chuck write??? Sam out here drinking demon blood again and murdering everyone they know and love. Dean’s for real dead. Nothing in the future is good. At all!

Paul: I love the demon blood drinking Sam, and Dean going all John Wick was cool. I do not like Becky either but she cleaned up and went mom mode. Chuck did her damned dirty.  I actually enjoyed the vamp story as well, it was sad. Poor kid didn’t want any of that shit to happen. Everyone lost in that scenario.

Belle: Is it wrong that I cackled when she got dusted? Sorry, the mind rape and attempted physical rape still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Her children and husband didn’t deserve that though…

Paul: Kind of a common theme in the story of god on this show: ain’t no one deserved that…

Belle: I mean she’s not dead so there’s that. However, I think wherever she is ties to Billie’s ‘we need to talk’ to Jack. I think Chuck is sending people to the Empty and that’s not where they’re supposed to be.

I will say the vamp storyline was a nice parallel to the mess that is happening with Dean and Cas, with Cas being the mom and Dean the dad trying to hold his shite together because mom has lost her mothereffing mind.

Paul: Chuck is weakened so it isn’t clear what the hell he is doing…

Belle: All I know is his attitude is bleeding into Sam. I noticed it on the rewatch. I knew Sam was hurting but this level of fed the eff up with humanity and apathy is new. However, since he and Chuck are connected…

Paul: He does have an eff it attitude

Belle: Losing Jack and Rowena back to back and these dreams are destroying him slowly but surely. It’s also interesting that Chuck views murdering Cas and Dean’s son as a ‘falling out’. Like, you legit murdered your grandson in front of his fathers, who have been in your corner from jump, one of whom reconciled you to your sister and saved your life and you think that somehow they’re going to forgive you for what you’ve done? Though him saying he hates himself for what he did is also interesting but until he stops being a whiny baby about everything…

Paul: He finally got the attitude that I’m god, you’re not so screw you all.


Rob Benedict as Chuck

Belle: He kind of always had it though? Like Chuck has always been a bitch in sheep’s clothing. How did Dean put it? ‘That smile that you can never tell if he’s happy to see you or if he’s going to kill you.’
It’s subtle but it has actually always been there. My mom and I have been rewatching from the beginning and yeah, it’s definitely there now that you know to look for it.

Paul: I knew it ever since he punished Metatron while he was editing his story in the bar. I knew eventually he would be the biggest villain.

Belle: You know what, I had forgotten about that… Good call.

Paul: He does not like being told his writing needs work.

Belle: Not at all. I really hope Amara comes through because she seems to be the only one who can put him in check. Or we’re going to end up with God!Sam and Dean is going to resurrect like Cain again.

Paul: She ain’t going to appreciate him effing with her Dean…

badass principal

Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester; Alison Araya as Principal Bailey; Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester

Book of Letters
Benny is back! For five seconds. To die.

The Principal was fantastic and we hope we see the actress again.

That mascot was adorable and shockingly not possessed!

Visions Of The Future

Belle:  Overall, this episode was filled with a lot of genuinely terrifying moments to be honest. It was so quiet yet it felt like the calm before the storm.

Paul: It was one of the finest MOTW episodes of the series. The writing is on point which is rare for a final season.

Belle:  It really is, the quality is just amazing. So final thought before we go into tonight?

Paul: I just hope that the showrunners keep that mix of main plot and monsters running smoothly. And time needs to slow down. I’m not ready for it to end! Oh and it was announced that it is moving to Monday after the winter break. Not sure I like that…

Belle: Monday? I’m not mad at it. Prodigal Son and Supernatural back to back sounds like my kind of night!

What about you guys? Is there anyway to redeem Chuck or is it too late for him? What about those visions? Is the Monday night move going to mess with your plans or are you down?  Let us know in the comments and follow us on Twitter @pcuncovered as we live tweet the show! 

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