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This Week In WTF 11/8/2019

The Weekly WTF is back and it will make you feel SO MUCH BETTER about your life.

Damn. How long has it been since we did one of these? What can I say, sometimes the what the F’s me for a change. But enough with the excuses, let’s get into it:

Nuclear Power Plant Spider Farm

I Was Elected To Lead Not To Read

Flames On The Side Of My Face

The Jesus


Escape Artist Cat

No Ragrets

Massive Head Wound Harry

Krispy Kreme So Good You'll Suck Dick

Django Unchained KKK

Okay. I’m going to get some pizza because any place that sells chicken is right out for a while. Which one of these made you facepalm hardest? Let me know in the comments. And if you see any WTF-worthy things this week please leave them below or hit me up on Twitter at @arrpeebee

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