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TV Brew: Supernatural – Raising Hell

Souls aren’t the only thing back!

There were so many folks back for this episode alone: Ketch, Rowena, Amara, Kevin!

Unfortunately, before we get into that, we have to talk about the town residents. On the one hand, I get why they were getting squirrelly but maybe don’t go off by yourself? Their stupidity got at least 3 of them killed or maimed and for what?

However, it
did allow Ketch to show up for a big damn heroes moment and that led to the gold that was Ketch and Rowena flirting that was giving me life.

Honestly Kev & Ketch were fine and all but I wanted more of Chuck & Amara! She’s not the wounded little spitfire anymore, she’s a grown woman who has zero time for her megalomaniac bro.


Emily Swallow as Amara

Yesssss, I was 100% down for that Chuck and Amara goodness. She read him like a book and was not having it.

However, I do think the Ketch and Rowena thing is going to come back into play. Ketch being on the hunt for Bel is going to come back up too.  This will probably tie into Crowley but honestly I think Rowena and Ketch would actually be a match made in chaos and I would be down for it.

I’m just praying for a little Dean Amara time, that’s honestly all I need.

Same, I seriously doubt she is gone for good. She adores Dean for several reasons and I have a feeling she’s going to come through in a clutch.

No doubt, but back to Kevin: there is more to that Kevin in hell story. It cannot be as simple as Chuck sent him there. The whole Kevin subplot was kind of lame.

jack the ripper and kevin tran

Lane Davies as Jack The Ripper; Osric Chau as Kevin Tran

Oh, absolutely. Either Chuck was lying or Kevin was but someone is friggin’ lying, and I agree I wanted to see Osric Chau again but it was hella dumb and shoehorned in, which is why I think there’s more to it.

There better be because if that was just to bring him back for a curtain call? Lame.


Misha Collins as Castiel

Book of Letters

Cas. Cas. Cas. Our sweet summer child…you had the perfect opening to kiss Dean and you didn’t take it. What is wrong with you?!

No. Seriously. The sexual tension between them was palpable.

We love any flirting that happens over Science!

We do not love the show making Kevin look like Pennywise.


Rob Benedict as Chuck

Visions Of The Future
I’m beginning to think that the Chuck thing? Is a red herring. I think it’s going to be resolved by the mid-season finale and the real issue is going to be The Shadow and Death. Remember, The Shadow said they would come for Cas when he was finally happy. What would make Cas happier than having his family safe, Dean and him official and his dad gone?

I can see that and Dean might have to become Death to save Cas.

Which goes back to our theory from last week. On another note Sam is unconsciously siphoning off Chuck, yes?

Back and to the Future

Jared Padelecki as Sam Winchester; Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester

Oh, most definitely. Sam and Chuck are connected now through the wound. Maybe Joshua AKA Jesus will show up and heal them

Joshua has been out of play for a while now, I mean, supposedly Dagon killed him but no one stays dead on this show and he was so clearly different from every other ‘angel’ we met, in personality and powers that I just never bought he could be taken out like that. Hurt? Yes. Dead? Not so much.

Well it is the last season. Time to pull a Seinfeld and bring back every character!


Roger Aaron Brown as Joshua

Honestly Joshua not being in play has been one of the more glaring things, though they could pull an American Gods and have him like, ‘Look. I did my job. Twice. The second time I literally got stabbed in the back. You guys have free will. So…Peace.’

I died on that damned stick, what more do you want???’

Basically! I’d be like, ‘I’m out!’ too if my dad kept going off the rails, my siblings keep trying to end everything and the people I died for keep doing dumb shite and ruining the planet. I mean, Michael and Lucifer are his brothers. Who wants to deal with those hot messes?

Joshua: Yeah, this garden is just fine. You handle your own mess dad and fam

Especially with Amara in the wind. Which, I would love it if Amara went looking for the one nephew who wasn’t cuckoo banana pants. That would actually be a really organic way to bring Joshua back. Either way, as long as we don’t get any filler episodes and the focus stays on the Winchesters we’re here for it!

What do you guys think? Is Amara really not coming back? Do you think we’ll see Joshua again? How long before Sam realizes he’s physically connected to Chuck?  Let us know in the comments and follow us on Twitter @pcuncovered as we live tweet the show!

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