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Review Brew: Red Hood-Outlaw #38

Jason Todd is not here for your shenanigans…

Writer: Scott Lobdell
Artist: Kenneth Rocafort
Colors: Steve Firchow
Letters: ALW’s Troy Peteri
Covers: Philip Tan; Marc Deering & Jay David Ramos
Editors: Jamie S Rich; Rob Levin
Publisher: DC Comics

Hello my darlings!

So, as usual, real life has written the plot of my life and this review is super late. However! This issue was filled with goodness so let’s get to it shall we?

First of all, teacher Jason is giving me life. His no-nonsense approach to things, ability to read a situation and admirable patience with his students, especially Devour, continues to show just why Lex wanted him to teach this newest generation of potential super-villains. It also makes me question that decision as Jason constantly emphasizes to these children that it’s okay to be themselves. That they don’t have to be good or bad. That life isn’t that black and white and that all they have to be is the best, kindest, version of themselves without being pushovers. It’s an interesting thread that’s been in every issue and with the introduction of their newest member,  Doomed, it becomes even more obvious. It’s not until the children stop hitting and start listening that we get the actual story with him and it’s a particularly awful one that Jason already knew, which is why he agreed to take the kid on in the first place.

Meanwhile Jason’s family continue their journey home, in particular Ma Gunn is brought back into play as Bizarro and Artemis, quite literally, hurtle towards Jason. Then there’s the other team member, who’s always been there, but hasn’t always been paid attention to. It’s going to be really, really fascinating to see how that particular hot mess plays out.

Once again Kenneth Rocafort, Steve Firchow and ALW’s Troy Peteri come together to uplift the story, especially regarding Doomed’s backstory and give us some amazing art. The backgrounds are gorgeous and the Earth’s core has never looked so good.

Five Doomsday Spores out of Five

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