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This Week In WTF 10/4/2019

#WeeklyWTF is here, grab a can of beer!

The pay sucks but the perks are addictive.

If you are like me you need a break from the exploding dumpster fire that is national news right now so dig into this instead:


Hot Coals vs Legos

Simpsons Boy For Sale

Dexter Approves

Eat The Pig

Underwater Concert

Hulk Hogan

Letterkenny Shorsey Ref

Hells Angels and lager drinking Nuns. August 2003

Okie dokie, pokey. I am heading to the hills to get the hell away from humanity for a while. I’ll catch you all next Friday for more proof that the universe is all just running on BASIC and someone typed “20 go to 10” and left the room.

If you see anything WTF-worthy hit me up in the comments below or tweet at me @arrpeebee

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