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This Week In WTF 9/13/2019

Life is an infomercial and we’re all that schmuck that can’t open the bag of potato chips.

I don’t get to do¬†ANYTHING¬†fun anymore!

Jack Napier was right. The whole world DOES need an enema…

Florida Is America's Wang

BBQ Becky

Commie Nazis

Nothing To See Here Police Squad

Bryan Cranston Throwing Pizza

Smoking Puppets

Okay. I’m done for this week. Time to refill my coffee cup and stare at that squirrel picture until Monday. If you see anything WTF-worthy send it to me here or find me on Twitter at @arrpeebee and until then I’ll see you in the funny papers!

About Ron Burr (37 Articles)
Husband, pastor, comedian, trivia host, armchair American historian, owner of too many pets. founder of @dropthree & Twittering as @arrpeebee

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