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Review Brew: Loki #3

The two most dangerous words to hear from #Loki ‘I’m bored’

Writer: Daniel Kibblesmith
Artist: Oscar Bazaldua
Colors: David Curiel
Letters: VC’s Clayton Cowles
Covers: Ozgur Yildirim
Editors: Sarah Brunstad; Wil Moss; C.B. Cebulski
Publisher: Marvel Comics

We begin where all things seem to begin with Loki: him dying, and, as always with Loki, he recovers…sorta. Loki meets Then and Now, the Children of Eternity and they introduce him to The House of Ideas, the place from where all stories flow. Then and Now offer to help Loki with the one problem he cannot surmount: his boredom. They remind him of just who he is: The God of Nothing, The Son of No One, The God of Stories; and offer him the ultimate cure to boredom, the ability to write more stories. However, as Loki himself says, nothing comes without a price and this one may be far too high for him to pay.

Meanwhile Frösti, Loki’s pet snowman and right hand, is not handling things on Jotunheim well, having a bit too much of Old Man Loki’s harshness and cruelty and not enough of Loki’s humor and heart. It’s leading to a lot of problems, a lot.

On top of that is the connection Loki is sharing with Megan, a lovely young woman who unfortunately got caught in the crossfire of Nightmare’s obsession with Loki. However, the key to either of them coming out of this relatively sane and in one piece may be within the issue itself and the wise words of an old, and dearly missed, friend.

Oscar Bazaldua, David Curiel and VC’s Clayton Cowles give us wonderful landscapes, gorgeous costumes and perfect lettering as we hop from Jotunheim, Earth, the Nightmare Realm and The House of Ideas with each location having a distinct feel and look that helps to tell the story.

Overall Kibblesmith continues to have a handle on just what makes Loki, Loki and why that’s both a good and bad thing.

Five Pawns out Five

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