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This Week In WTF 8/23/2019

“People suck, that’s my contention. I can prove it on a scratch paper and pen. I’m tired of this back-slapping ‘Ain’t humanity neat?’ bullcrap. We’re a virus with shoes, okay? That’s all we are.”
-Bill Hicks

Sorry I didn’t post last week. Too many things hit the fan at the same time and I could not get on my computer. Hopefully this week’s WTF will make up for it.

Jabba The Hut Cat

Simpsons 3 Eyed Fish

I'm A Virgin This Is An Old Shirt

Jeff Goldblum Jurassic Park

Ferret Down My Pants

Arnim Zola Kirby

Bad Moms


That wraps it up for me. Enjoy your weekend and make sure you come back next Friday for a holiday weekend dose of stupidity. Remember, if YOU see something you think is WTF-worthy leave it in the comments below or shoot me a tweet at @arrpeebee

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