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Review Brew: Doom Patrol – Weight Of The Worlds #1

You have to be honest with yourself sometimes…

Writer: Gerard Way; Jeremy Lambert
Artist: James Harvey; Abby Lupine
Colors: James Harvey & Sajan Rai
Covers: Nick Derington
Editors: Molly Mahan & Andy Khouri
Doom Patrol Created by Arthur Drake
Publisher: DC Comics

It’s been a long time since I’ve picked up a Doom Patrol comic, I must confess. Not due to any particular reason, as I’ve always been a big fan of the quirky crew but simply because I didn’t have a lot of time and the mythology of this series deserves one’s full attention. However, with the Weight of the Worlds arc starting, it seemed to be a great time to jump back in.

Gerard Way, whose run on Cave Carson impressed me so much I cannot fangirl enough about it, is running the show once again via DC’s Young Animal imprint. In this issue we find the gang getting together, and in some cases falling apart, while tackling another world’s mess. While the storyline itself is no great shakes, the character work is what makes this an issue worth picking up. The team is at an emotional and mental crossroads and it shows, with Robotman floundering the most tragically. One of the things that stood out to me the most is how head on Way and Lambert take on mental health. You can have all the superpowers in the world but if you’re not dealing with your issues, whatever they may be, you’re not only a danger to others but to yourself.

As for the artwork, Doom Patrol has always had a very distinct aesthetic that is hard to duplicate, which is why I appreciate that Sajan Rai and James Harvey don’t try. Instead they combine their own distinct styles with what we know of how the crew should look, giving us something that a perfect combination of original recipe Doom Patrol while still being its own thing. I like it and found myself going back over the panels to make sure I wasn’t missing details, which, IMO, is the mark of great artwork.

Overall this is a great issue to get to know Doom Patrol, whether you’re a complete newbie, a lapsed reader or you’ve seen the television series and want more.

Four Treadmills out of Five

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