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Gaming Brew – Persona 5: The Royal Trailer

Ever since the announcement of the new Persona 5 remaster entitled The Royal, I’ve been attempting to get that elusive Platinum trophy for the core game — which is hardly the worst thing. Persona 5 is one of my favorite games for the PS4 after all. Any information at all about Royal has been appreciated. Especially when it looks like it will add far more content than either Persona 3: FES or Persona 4: Golden did for their original games.

Now we’ve finally gotten more definitive information about probably the game’s important edition of a new Phantom Thief: Kasumi Yoshizawa. The trailer is brief but covers the basics of the character’s daily life, as well as her interactions with Joker in what looks like a Confidant meeting. It also introduces her Persona Cendrillon (aka Cinderella!) awakening in what looks to be the original game’s second Palace. All told, it looks like Kasumi will be a memorable addition addition to the game on top of all the other features we’ll apparently be receiving. I am certainly looking forward to it.

Persona 5: The Royal will be released in 2020 in America, with the date still yet to be announced. Until then, we here at Pop Culture Uncovered will be crossing our fingers for that release date to come sooner rather than later.

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