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This Week In WTF 5/31/19

All the news that’s fit to drink to.

Everywhere you turn these days it’s just one incredibly depressing or infuriating news story after another. That’s no way to start your weekend, so here is a collection of some of the weirdest news of the week:

Make America (Natural) Gas Again? Okay, sure. Freedom fries/toast is so 2003…

American Flag & Shotgun

I know where I’m taking my wife for our next anniversary. Now I need her to get her April O’Neil cosplay outfit.

(FYI – do not Google Image Search “April O’Neil Cosplay” at work without the safe search filter on unless you want to not have a job anymore.)

Bugs Florida.gif

I wish Igloo had refused to recall these because honestly we could stand to thin the herd a little bit.

50 Cent has a little competition.


This is some real life Wes Craven movie stuff right here.

Scream Rose McGowan

Apparently it’s cold right before you die

The Whites_2

If there are any teachers reading this please do the world a favor and DO NOT DO ANYTHING REMOTELY RELATED TO THIS IN ANY WAY. If a thought like this pops into your head and you think “yeah, I should do that” bang your head against a brick wall until it goes away.

It’s like an Elizabethan-aged anti-vax movement, only it moves a lot slower.

This shirt is the official shirt of TWA (Toddlers with Attitude).

Angry Toddler

I’ll pop a nap in your ass

In news that should surprise no one: people are horrible.

People Suck Pizza Understands

As if I needed another reason to order pizza tonight…


All hail The Oatmeal

These kids ran the table until Scripps ran out of words. Learn their names now because in 20 years they will be YOUR kids bosses.

Far Side St. Bernard

We miss you, Gary Larson

I’m all about quirky house designs but maybe keep the bathroom out of your flights of fancy, mmm-kay?

Happy Picard

As a rule I will try to end this weekly exercise with something uplifting or at least not totally freaking weird. In this case I’m going with uplifting for our wallets. With so many other things getting more expensive dollar bourbon is most likely in my near future.

If you have any fun/weird/why are we like this news please share it with me in the comments or email me at – and have a weekend so great it makes this article next week!

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