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Review Brew: ‘Dial H For Hero #2’

‘Dial H For Hero’ #2 is the continuation of a unique superhero origin story that only Sam Humphries and DC/Wonder Comics can bring readers.

Dial H For Hero #2
Written By: Sam Humphries
Art By: Joseph A Quinones Jr.
Published By: DC Comics/Wonder Comics
Price: $3.99
Release Date: 04/24/2019

Ever since writer Brian Michael Bendis came to DC Comics and created the new imprint Wonder Comics, the content has been fantastic. The second issue of Dial H For Hero is no exception. Issue two showcases new hero Miguel and his new friend Summer running away from home. Miguel runs away from home after he discovers the mysterious Hero Dial which allows him to become a superhero for an hour at a time. Miguel and Summer embark on a road trip to uncover the mystery of the dial.

I absolutely love the story by Sam Humphries. He captures the fun of what it’s like to live out your childhood dreams of being a superhero. There is a lot to unpack here with action, heart and humor. Every single joke lands and helps keep the pace of the over-the-top conflict that is seen throughout the pages of the book. I also really enjoyed the chemistry and the back and forth between Miguel and Summer. They are a duo that doesn’t need the “will they, won’t they” gimmick and it’s refreshing to see. It’s nice to see a story with younger characters not relying on romantic tension to propel it. As I said earlier, I absolutely love this story by Sam Humphries and I look forward to seeing more from him.

The art by Joseph A Quinones is stunning and it enhances the story and the jokes even more. The design of each character is fantastic and I also enjoyed how the second half of the book takes on an anime and manga feel. Iron Deadhead looks like he came right out of the world of Robotech or Gundam and it’s epic. The fight scenes feel like they are taken out of an anime and I can’t get enough of it. Quinones knocks it out of the park and I am excited to see more of his art.

I honestly couldn’t find anything wrong with this book. Every element is perfect and this series is a wonderful edition to a growing imprint that continues to be successful.

5 Hero Dials out of 5

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