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TV Brew: Game Of Thrones – The Long Night

What do we say to the God of Death?
Not. Today.

First, before I get to the review, a couple of things regarding the ending: Jon is still the Prince That Was Promised so get out your feelings. Let me break it down for you: not one of the people who are there, battling for the living, would be there if it were not for Jon. Dany, the Dothraki and Unsullied? Wouldn’t be there if Jon hadn’t gone to meet with her.  The Stark soldiers, Bannermen, Davos, Melisandre, The Night’s Watch and the Wildlings? Nope. Not if Jon hadn’t given his life – twice if you count the Battle of the Bastards – to save them. Sansa? Nope, if Jon hadn’t committed to fighting for House Stark. Arya and Bran? Nope, if they hadn’t heard that Jon and Sansa had retaken Winterfell. Even Sandor, Beric, Jaime, Tyrion and Brienne wouldn’t be there were they not connected to the very people mentioned above. The Prince That Was Promised isn’t about who kills the Night King. It’s about who could bring together the people needed to save the Seven Kingdoms and beyond. Prophecy is never what you think it is. Ever.

Now. On with the show.

The Night Is Dark and Full of Spoilers

This episode belonged to the ladies of Game Of Thrones. Don’t get me wrong, the boys came through: Jon was on Rhaegal like he’d been on dragons his whole life and was effing mowing down wights like they were tall grass both on and off dragonback; Jorah went out like a damn boss; Theon put numbers on the board and Beric and his sword literally save everyone by saving one. However, our ladies came through in ways I didn’t know they had in them and it’s fantastic.  

dany and jorah
Daenerys went all the way in when she saw the Dothraki get almost wiped off the map. Plan? What plan? Girlfriend tossed that shite all the way out the window, my friends, and honestly? I’m not even mad at it, especially after Jon’s ‘I will run into this obvious trap to save my doomed AF little brother’ move in the Battle of the Bastards. The good thing is she effed up a good portion of the Night King’s forces. The bad thing is, there were still so many more to pull from.

Brienne and Lyanna were on the ground keeping folks alive and taking out wights left and right. Brienne has fully come into her own as a commander and watching her and Grey Worm keep improvising as things kept going wrong was great, as was watching her and Jaime literally fighting back-to-back at one point. It was glorious and exactly what I wanted to see. However, we gotta talk about the Little Bear. Lady Lyanna Mormont. 1st of Her Name. Protector of the Seven Kingdoms and Killer of Giants. Not going to lie, I still don’t think Lyanna had to die, especially with Jorah going out, but damn if her death wasn’t the absolute most badass moment that happened tonight next to the final 10 minutes. The Little Bear did that. If you have to go out, that’s how you do it.

Now. Arya. Looking back there were so many hints that this was what was going to happen:  Melisandre telling Arya they would meet again and who she would kill; the very specific way Arya was trained: to be an assassin, not a soldier; all the scenes we got from the very beginning of the show of Arya sneaking around in tunnels and being places she shouldn’t be because she is small and quick; Bran giving her the catspaw dagger, specifically telling her that she needed it, in the exact spot where she was would need to use it. It was all there from the beginning and when it happened, I was totally shocked and yet it felt completely and utterly right.
arya, melisandre and the hound

The North Remembers

One of the few issues I have with this episode is Sam’s behavior. Don’t talk all that shite in the previous episode to keep cowering and getting others killed.

What was that look between Tyrion and Bran before the battle? Now I want to know what they talked about.*

Sansa and Missandei’s little bitch off was amazing and, honestly, what was needed. Sansa’s my girl but this was a classic example of “check your privilege”. How you going to bitch about the woman who is literally on the battlefield as you speak, fighting to save your people?

Can we put some sort of armor on Ghost and some damn saddles on these dragons so fools don’t keep almost falling off? I mean honestly.

This episode went from The Battle of Helm’s Deep to Silent Hill to Saving Private Ryan and back again and it was upsetting.

I knew Melisandre was coming back this episode but seriously? Where the hell are the other red priests? If there was ever a time for this cult to actually be useful and not just creepy…

Watching Viserion like that effed me up more than I expected it to. He was the tiniest and sweetest of the dragons and it hurt me.

Though, watching Jon just lose his mind and start screaming right back at Viserion, was the funniest thing to me for some reason.

The Unsullied are the best fighting force I’ve ever seen on screen. Period.

Everyone in those crypts should’ve been armed just in case. 

Now, it’s time to mourn (and burn) the dead; reevaluate where we stand and deal with the real threat: Cersei. While I understand where a lot of people are coming from in not wanting Cersei to be the final boss of the series, at the same time she’s just as dangerous as the Night King. This is a woman who saw the undead and is still having Qyburn create undead soldiers – look, really look, at the soldiers in her Queensguard – and we all know how well that worked out for the Children of the Forest. She’s totally and utterly insane and she’s put the crown in massive debt for no other reason than she’s power mad. She could easily become the Night Queen and frankly we’ve had enough of that mess for a while…

Four Valyrian Steel Daggers out of Five

* I realized what the look was, if you want my theory ask in the comments.


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