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Here is an (somewhat) easy way to play Kingdom Hearts 3 remotely

Ok yall, it’s COLD! It’s so cold right now that I am typing this post from a nice warm bed! I would rather be playing Kingdom Hearts 3 right now in the basement, but, my basement is COLD and I have no plans of leaving this warm bed!

I got madder thinking about the idea that KH3 is NOT on the Nintendo Switch!! It would be PERFECT on the Nintendo Switch! You can play on the TV, on the bus, on the train, in a nice warm bed, on the can…you get the idea! But alas…there is no Switch version to be had yet!

However, for a certain select few of us out there, there is a way to play remotely if you don’t feel like freezing in certain parts of the house.

It’s simple enough but, if you own an Xbox One…you can stop here right now.

If you are a PS4 owner, you may be in luck and you may need one other forgotten device to do it.

Do you still have your PS Vita? Yeah, that thing that came out way back when. A thing that promised us such gaming power and also had an excellent Uncharted game to boot?

Yes, that thing.

Turns out if you still have it laying around the house, if you dust it off, you too can lay under the warm comfy covers and play.

Did you forget? The PS Vita has the ability to REMOTE PLAY from your PS4!!

If you don’t have a PS Vita, then about $100-$150 will cover you at a GameStop or a quick look on any online marketplaces.  Here is a bit of proof below! Also big thanks to my friend Joe A. for the idea!

credit to ElAnelistadeBits


You are welcome…HA HA HA!


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