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Quick tips for #28DaysofBlackCosplay

#29DaysOfBlackCosplay is important to me because it's about promoting positivity, encouragement, diversity, inclusion, and recognition for people who otherwise would be overlooked, passed over, or ignored.

In a few days, it will be February. Besides Black History Month, cosplayers will also be celebrating #28daysofblackcosplay. We at Pop Culture Uncovered will be featuring a few cosplayers during the month as we always have. So, for the uninitiated, here is a quick FAQ on what this month means to cosplayers of color

  • So who started this anyways?

You want the creator, you START with Chaka and below is why(and yes we include leap years too):

#29DaysOfBlackCosplay is important because it’s all about us giving each other the visibility that we so desperately need. Believe it or not, there are black nerds coming up every day who want to cosplay, but don’t feel like they can because they’re not seeing enough of our images in the media. This is us carving out a space for ourselves, and encouraging each other to get involved. It’s important to me, because I remember how alienating it felt to be a lone black nerd growing up in Little Rock, Arkansas – and feeling like there was no real place for me to belong. I’m so grateful for the internet bringing so many of us together, and now we’re working to ensure no one else ever feels that way again. If we can convince even one black nerd to put on a costume and head to a con, I’ll be happy. That’s all it’s ever been about for me!

  • How do I get involved?

Be like Nike and just do it! You don’t need an invitation or permission. There is no underground club, nor secret handshake.  If you are on social media instagram, twitter, facebook, etc., post a picture of yourself and use the hashtag #28daysofcosplay. It’s that easy.

  • What if I don’t have any pictures of myself?

Hey, what are you waiting for? Get out and take some! If you don’t have any, then if you got some good friends, support them!

  • But, I don’t have any professional pictures of myself either and all I have is this crappy cell phone pic, what should I do?

You post your pictures anyway! This isn’t a contest to see who has the best pictures. It’s to celebrate cosplayers from all walks of life!

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This year, cosplay has been a great way to express myself creatively by taking existing characters and putting a new spin on them. It’s also been a way to speak out about various issues I care about, particularly diversity and cosplay bullying.

  • I feel like I am too (tall, short, fat, etc) to do this or my cosplay skills aren’t at a professional level, should I still participate?

Yes, you should. Again, cosplayers come from all walks of life so never let anyone stop you from cosplaying what you want. What you do can be an inspiration to others, so don’t feel like you can’t cosplay because you think you fit into a certain box.

Because young people need to see heroes who look like them.

  • But I am not Black. What do I do?

Do what you think is comfortable to you but the best thing you can do for people of color is, simply show your support.

Cosplay is about making new friends and connecting with old ones.

Stay tuned as we will have several profiles during the course of next month describing why #28daysofBlackCosplay is important.

Oh! And when February ends…you still have #365daysofBlackCosplay because one month is not enough to tie us down!!!!



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