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Movie Brew: A Star Is Born Part 2

Did the hype hurt A Star Is Born’s chances?

By Sherri
And the Winner is not A Star is Born

Back in October, I vented about how entertainment reporters were gushing over A Star is Born claiming it as Best Film of 2018 and shoe-in for the Oscar for Best Movie. My annoyance was that there were more films due to be released, therefore all the films should still be considered before crowning this movie as the winner.

The Oscar nominations were announced on Tuesday Jan. 22nd, the nominees for Best Picture are:

“Black Panther”


“Bohemian Rhapsody”

“The Favourite”

“Green Book”


“A Star Is Born”


Except for the omission of If Beale Street Could Talk, I like this list of nominations. Unlike recent years this list is full of films that movie goers paid to see, the box office numbers don’t lie. The Art House/Festival movies are still represented but the nomination included a film produced by a streaming service, a Super Hero Film, 2 musicals, and 2 historical comedies; a little something for everybody.  I’ll hold off making my predictions until the week of the ceremony.

I recently went to see A Star is Born, the film lives up to most of the hype. The story is updated exquisitely, the characters more fleshed out compared to the films previous versions. Bradley Cooper’s acting and directing are flawless.  Sam Elliot playing Cooper’s older brother was an excellent choice. Lady Gaga’s performance is fine, however she is playing herself.  After seeing her in all the outrageous costumes over the past couple of years, it is refreshing just to see her.

We are halfway through award season; A Star is Born is gathering nominations for any group that gives out awards; however, it’s not taking any of the major prizes. I think all that early buzz has hurt the film’s chances.  I believe that many voters got it in their heads that Star is going to win so they decided to vote for the next movie they liked thus the wins for Bohemian Rhapsody and Green Book.

I’ll be back the week of the Oscars to give my predictions but for now tell me what do you think is the best film for 2018?

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