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TV Brew: Star Trek: Discovery S2 E1 – Brother

Space may be the final frontier, but dealing with your family can be no less perilous. Star Trek: Discovery returns for season 2 on CBS All Access on a new night with a new mission.

When we last left the intrepid crew of the USS Discovery, the Klingon War was over, Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) was restored to the rank of Commander, and the ship was on its war to drop off Ambassador Sarek (James Frain) to his home planet of Vulcan. En route, who should show up? Just some little ship known as the Enterprise, Captained by one Christopher Pike (Anson Mount).

Pike has been ordered by Starfleet to commandeer the Discovery to investigate mysterious homing signals that have shown up in unison across the quadrant. The Enterprise has been damaged, so Pike pulls the classic police move of using someone else’s ride to check it out. Michael knows that her foster brother, Spock (Ethan Peck), is the science officer aboard the Enterprise and is nervous to see him again as their relationship is strained. Pike beams aboard without him though, so Burnham refocuses on the task at hand. Discovery warps off to the closest mystery signal, only to find a dense asteroid field and a damaged Starfleet ship that has been stranded for over 10 months. There is no signal to be found, but rescues ensue, and the crew is off to find the next signal.

On the way back to Enterprise, Michael requests to go on-board to visit with Spock, but she is informed that Spock has taken an extended leave and Pike has no idea of his current location. She goes to his now empty officer quarters and strong memories are stirred up of their strained joint upbringing.

The first episode was finely crafted, melding action, intrigue, and emotions into a cohesive launching pad for the season’s plot. Brother does set up a more formulaic path with these signals bringing the crew to a new location every week, assuming a new challenge at each location.

Trek Thoughts:

  • With Spock missing, we now have a The Search For Spock story-line.
  • Pike is a nice guy. Perhaps too nice?
  • Martin-Green just might be one of the finest actresses of her time.
  • Tilly (Mary Wiseman) remains my Trek crush.
  • Doug Jones is the reigning king of make-up acting.


What did you think of the first episode Trekkers? Are you excited to devour season 2 or are you more anticipating the upcoming Picard series?


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