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MAGFest 2019: The Cosplay was Lit AF

MAGFest is the first con of of the year here in Maryland. It’s a great time for people from all walks of life to come out after the holidays, be with their friends and make new ones. It’s a great con for those who love gaming and music and this show is a fusion of both. For cosplayers, it’s a great time to bring out some of their favorite costumes, debut new ones or get ideas. The best part of this con was the diversity that was on display.  As you look at these pics, you can realize how diverse the people here are. The cosplayers are young, old, men, women, LGBT, Black, White, Latino, Asian and so many others.  There is literally no way to say that we can’t all share a common moment and be as diverse as we all are here. Enjoy and tag your friends.



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