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What if Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 had Amiibo Support?

You saw it…I saw it.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is exclusively coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2019.

Yes, yes…you know that already. However, let’s look beyond that announcement. One of the biggest franchises in modern day entertainment is coming to a system that is rapidly becoming one of the best consoles this generation. The best part of this, is that the Marvel Ultimate Alliance game will be portable, which hasn’t been done since the Nintendo DS and PSP. That’s ten years for those keeping count.

You may also know that as well, so let’s go a little deeper. Marvel, which is owned by Disney, is in a prime position on the Nintendo platform to really blow up the toys to life arena.  It was just a few short years ago that Disney had the market cornered with Disney Infinity; in which you could take a number of any Disney franchise characters and play them in games. The problem, of course, was that it was only on the Disney Infinity game. Also, there wasn’t much you could do with them beyond that.

Disney Infinity figures, how we miss you…NOT!

But you know, I have been doing some thinking, and just work with me on this, but if you consider what amiibo figures can do within multiple games, what would happen if Disney and Marvel partnered up with Nintendo and brought out…Marvel amiibo? The possibilities could be endless! In a Marvel Ultimate Alliance game, just imagine being able to unlock costume bonuses or special abilities! What about the possibility of unlocking sub-characters or levels for your amiibo? Or, what if you could use them in other games as well? What about as spirits in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Better yet, since Marvel will be coming back to Nintendo gaming for the first time since the last MUA game was on the Wii, maybe Disney will pay out enough to license their characters to use for play in Super Smash Bros Ultimate!!!!

Spider-Gwen in MUA3? Sign me up!

Yes, I know some of you are saying, “Calm down there, Sparky!” Still, the possibilities are limitless if both of these juggernauts do it right. Marvel Ultimate Alliance was big because of the huge roster of characters we got to use in one game. In addition to that, regardless of how much you loved or hated the 2nd one, that roster has grown even larger for the third one. We know that the X-men will be a part of the next one, considering that Wolverine and the sentinels are in the trailer, just imagine what the rosters could be like. Having amiibo support as a part of that could really make the title skyrocket.

I know this sounds like wishful thinking right now, but it really says something that Nintendo went through a lot to lock this title to the Switch. Just imagine if somehow Nintendo could convince Disney to do a Star Wars game as well. A lightsaber in Breath of the Wild? I’m not holding my breath, but the dream is still there!

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  1. Now I have yet another reason to get a Nintendo Switch.


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