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Bae Bae, it’s Cold Outside

While we’re all coming off the itis from Thanksgiving feasts and getting into the swing of the Christmas season (which apparently started right after Halloween, according to the store music selections), in the spirit of togetherness and all that is K-drama, I present to you some of my personal favorites to get you and your boo feeling all cozy and for my fellow singles, may these shows bring you comfort and warmth. It’s a great time right now to get your binge on! Pull out the big fuzzy blanket and grab the pumpkin spice tea, here’s my wonderful winter watch list:


This drama had me topsy turvy and inside out, bouncing off the ceiling! If you want a drama with excitement and plot twists, a bit (a lot) of murder and conspiracy, look no further than Black. It popped up in my Netflix recommendations one day and we hit it off, right off the bat. Our lead girl is Kang Ha-Ram, who has been seeing the shadow of death since she was a young girl, and this inadvertently lead to the death of her father, which she blames herself for after she tired her best to save him. (Come on kid, there’s only so much you can do!) Then we have #444, this big bad mamma jamma on the hunt for his flaky partner who’s gone MIA into a human body…oh, right… they’re grim reapers. #444 deputizes, Ha-Ram on his hunt, unbeknownst to her, who thinks she’s just helping to save people from dying untimely deaths. All this happens after he jumps into the zombiefied body of Ha-Ram’s childhood crush, Han Moo-Gang. There’s a man with a butterfly watch that seems to keep popping up, along with some serious tragedies following in his wake, so I highly suggest checking out this series if you love good mystery, some suspense, and whole heap of sneaky romance tucked in there! Viewer Discretion Advised: blood, violence, death, and rape.

Oh My Ghost

oh my ghost

This cute and sassy series is just what the doctor ordered if you’re looking for a good laugh and gushy lovey moments, with some murder mystery thrown in! The actress who portrayed Na Bong-Sun did a spending job of giving us drastically dueling personalities, one of a timid little puppy-eyed sweetie, and the other is a young cougar on the hunt! Bong-Sun is a chef’s assistant that you just want to shield from the world, she’s so painfully shy, but one day she gets possessed by the spirit of a sexually frustrated virgin, Shin Soon-Ae. Once Soon-Ae gets a hold of our girl’s body, she starts after the first potential male she finds, who is none other than Bong-Sun’s boss! Kang Sun-Woo is a bit salty after he got his heartbroken, so he’s not up for these games that the possessed Bong-Sun is playing. But we don’t have time for that seduction mess, Soon-Ae – our resident ghostess with the mostess – needs to figure out how she died and resolve her feelings for her old crush, a cop by the name of Choi Sung-Jae. There’s flashes of memory as Soon-Ae gets closer to the truth and fear starts getting real the more she realizes there was something truly twisted surrounding her death. Nothing too graphic in this one, but we do see Soon-Ae’s death.

Strong Girl Bong-Soon/Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon

Surprise, we have another series with a mystery! But there’s plenty of candy-coated raindrops to help offset the bitter taste of…you guessed it! More murders, but this time with kidnapping! Strong-Woman-Do-Bong-Soon22Do Bong Soon is one in a long line of women in her family who have been granted unworldly strength that can only be used for the betterment of humanity, or in her case, hilarious antics. The moment she uses her powers for evil they will be immediately stripped from her, just like her mother, who used her strength to feed her monetary greed. But Bong Soon just wants to be an ordinary girl, a game designer actually, and she’s out to fulfill her dream. Suddenly, she meets the CEO of one of the most influential gaming companies, Ahn Min-Hyuk, but she gets hired on as a bodyguard after he witnesses her amazing ability. To the chagrin of Bong-Soon’s childhood friend and crush, In Guk-Du, a police officer who is under the impression that the tiny little Bong-Soon is nothing but a frail woman. In the small neighborhood of Do Bong Dong, a woman is murdered, which then leads to a string of kidnappings, which brings about a rescue attempt by our friendly neighborhood tiny terror, Bong-Soon.

Oh My Venus

Well hello, So Ji-Sub, it’s been a while and we’re happy to see you! Korea’s sexy bachelor next door is back again in this romance series as a highly successful personal trainer, Kim Young-Ho, that anybody who’s anybody in Hollywood has had the pleasure of whipping them into shape. Then we have Kang Joo-Eun, our single female lawyer who used to be one of the pretty chicks in high school, but has since put on some weight and seeks the help of Young-Ho, via blackmail, after he nurses her back to health when she passed out on a plane.Oh_My_Venus-008 Young-Ho and his “kids” eventually have Joo-Eun stay with them after a stalking incident, and here we get to enjoy the cute family-type setup that they create with this. But with them all living together, Joo-Eun gets to know Young-Ho very intimately and even finds out some things in his past and his family that push them apart and bring them closer together. I figured I could include some wholly romantic shows in this list and here’s one of them, and of course, I’d be beside myself if I didn’t include a drama that the So Ji-Sub starred in! Bonus: if you’re a Ji-Sub fan like me, take a peek at My Secret Terrius.

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?

This series takes the cake for cheesiest romcom, and it’s just too cute to pass up! Kim Mi-So, is the queen of getting what you need and dipping out, because she literally works herself to the bone, around the clock, for nine years, as the secretary to the biggest narcissist chaebol heartthrob. His name is Lee Young-Joon, and yes, it’s your pleasure to meet him. He gets hit with the biggest case of you-don’t-know-what-you’ve-got-until-it’s-gone, when Mi-So hands in her resignation and his whole ego gets thrown to the ground. But that doesn’t stop second male lead (a.k.a the people’s choice for who you should be taking home to mama), Young-Joon’s older brother, Lee Sung-Yeon, from swooping in for some healthy romantic competition. Mr. Steal-Your-Girl is here to snatch up our precious secretary, but of course Young-Joon, can’t sit by and let what’s his be taken.


If you feel like soaking up the blossoming rays of awkward courtship by a man who does his best to one-up his own self because his narcissism won’t allow him to do any less, check out this series and get those butterflies in your stomach and squeak out a few laughs!

Happy watching!~

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  1. I love all these kdramas except Black (never started it because of main leads ). Oh my goodness is my most favorite kdrama.

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