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TV Brew: Supergirl Breathing Easy

I am back for yet another installment of Supergirl. What will happen to our poor heroine now that she’s on life support? Let’s find out!

Spoilers are lurking ahead. Read carefully.

Supergirl, finally conscious after the events of last episode, is trying her hardest to ignore Alex’s, very logical, request that she stay out of the fight due to the fact that her suit is specifically designed for life support and not for helping her fight evil. She quickly learns that Alex was right when she almost dies two seconds into a fight with some aliens that Agent Liberty has mind controlled through the use of Fiona, who apparently wasn’t murdered back in episode one, and her alien powers. This causes a slew of problems, mainly Alex crumbling under the pressure of leadership and the idea that all mistakes made by the DEO are her mistakes. However, this pressure is alleviated through an all-too-easy conversation with J’onn, making this viewer wonder why J’onn isn’t still with the DEO even if he isn’t director anymore. Just keep him around to help Alex during her various crises.

Meanwhile, we finally get to delve into J’onn’s anger at himself, as opposed to everyone who didn’t help him look for Fiona two episodes ago. Unfortunately, it’s a short dive, as Alex quickly tells him not to blame himself for trying to go the peaceful route instead of fighting alongside Supergirl when she asked for help with the Liberties. Instead, what we get is J’onn using his Martian Powers to help us locate the Graves siblings and non-violently assist in taking them down. He gets help in the form of Fiona’s very British fiance, Manchester Black (portrayed by David Ajala), and the non-violent plan quickly goes out the window.


Through all of this we see that James Olsen wants to be Guardian again, but doesn’t want to throw everything Lena has done for him back in her face and end up in prison, and Lena tries to help Brainy figure out how to rid the atmosphere of Kryptonite. Through the magic of compartmentalizing, Brainy and Lena come to the very scientific solution of nanites that will “eat” the Kryptonite. As the nanites do their thing, Kara ignores presidential orders and James, post a slightly out of character talk with Nia about how he shouldn’t act, becomes Guardian. I say Nia’s talk was out of character because, as James pointed out, she just told him he needs to act and make a stand against Agent Liberty only to turn around and tell him not to do anything. Unfortunately, prison is not what James needs to worry about as far as consequences; for fighting aliens in broad daylight, Guardian is now being lumped in with the Liberties. I wonder if Lena could have seen that coming, but since he never talked this decision through with her we’ll never know.

I’m not entirely displeased with this episode. In spite of the low energy feel of the whole thing, we got to see Brainy experience emotions and the motivation that will spur further action from Manchester Black. Not to mention, and this is probably the most important thing to come from the whole episode, Red Daughter. We finally see her emerge from some sort of lead shield after the Kryptonite has been removed from the atmosphere and she looks ready to kick butt…after some more training, of course. Hopefully, now that Mercy and Otis are out of the picture and Agent Liberty is back to being super unhinged again, we can get this plot moving. I know it’s only episode four, but I need them to pick things up.


Rating: 2.5 nanites out of 5


Stray Observations:

-This interface they’ve put over Kara’s face is so bad. Like there’s just laser beams crisscrossing at odd angles with lengthy readouts on either side, like what are they even doing? This looks like a bad blue screen of death.

-Dear Agent Liberty, the purpose of wearing the mask is so no one knows who you are. You can’t just take it off in front of people.

-That’s not how that works, Mr. President. We’re heading into the Sokovian Accords (oops, wrong universe)

-Lena: “Imagine that your brain is filled with tiny boxes…”

-Brainy @ these nanites is super cute, though.

-Ah yes, the telltale sign someone isn’t american: calling soccer football.

-And of course now we’ve got the military back in the DEO (anyone getting General Lane vibes?)

-And now we’re putting alien slugs in people’s ears? Count me out.

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