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Review Brew: Red Hood – Outlaw #27

Knowing it was coming doesn’t lessen the pain…

Red Hood: Outlaw #27
Writer: Scott Lobdell
Artist: Pete Woods
Letters: ALW’s Troy Peteri
Covers: Pete Woods; Yasmine Putri
Editor: Marie Javins; Rob Levin
Publisher: DC Comics

The fallout from Heroes In Crisis begins as we go into part two of Red Hood: Outlaw. However, before we speak on that, we get to watch Jason do his thing in a diner in the middle of nowhere. Again, I wasn’t sure how I was feeling about Pete Woods but damn if he isn’t bringing the ruckus. The fight scenes are insane. The way you can track the movements and the power behind each punch and kick is almost visceral and that’s not even getting into how each person is distinctive, even background characters. Jason’s expressions are so clear and defined and the pain that he’s in is shown so utterly it’s brutal.

Which brings us to the events of Heroes In Crisis and how they’re affecting our boy. We start this issue with bookends: Jason on the phone with Roy. The conversation that’s had is heartbreaking as is the conversation that Jason has with Bruce. Yes, Bruce shows up, to apologize without actually apologizing. Having recently lost one child (kind of) Bruce makes it a point to find Jason and let him know that he’s never hated him and will always have his back. While, at least for me, it’s a bit too little too late, it is what Jason needs to hear even if, as always, Bruce’s love comes with strings attached. However, for once, Bruce recognizes that his son needs him and shows up to support him. Will this bring a change in their relationship? I doubt it, for that Bruce would have to actually do the work, but it does give Jason some much needed peace in at least one area of his life.

Something Jason will absolutely need as he gets sucked further into the mess that is Underlife, having unknowingly attracted the attention of a new player.

I wonder who that could be?

Five bags of gear out of Five

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