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Animaniacs turns 25 years old!

It’s almost hard to believe but September 13th, 2018 marks 25 years since the debut of Yakko, Wakko and Dot as well as a bevy of characters who would make up the Animaniacs. Animaniacs was the 2nd show  produced by Amblin entertainment (Tiny Toons being the first) in the early 90s during the animation renaissance when we got such great shows including Duck Tails, Ren and Stimpy, Batman the Animated Series, Rugrats and so many others.

What made a lot of these cartoons of the time classic was that they were built to entertain everyone. Animaniacs, especially appealed to an older generation who grew up on the old Warner Brothers cartoons and to younger generations as the last gasps of Saturday morning as well as after school cartoon programming.

To be honest, when these shows aired, I was in undergrad and remembering how many of us would try to schedule our class breaks to watch Animaniacs and Batman since at that time, they broadcast around each other.  My favorite characters have to be Buttons and Mindy because it was amazing how Mindy got into so much stuff and Buttons would ALWAYS save her and of course who could forget, “Okay Lady!”

If you have been watching, Hulu is planning to do a new Animaniacs series. Not to mention, if you have a subscription, you can watch the entire series.

We asked fans of the show what they loved about the series, here are a few reactions:

Lizzette L: Yakko is my favorite because he’s the oldest sibling like me. He was also a smart butt like me too! My favorite episodes would have to be when they sung anything educational because it always stuck with me.

This was a show way ahead of its time but right after Tiny Toons so it definitely stuck with me all these years.

Dan:   I always loved Wakko. I always felt I identified with him fairly well. We both were middle children. Both of us could eat an absolutely ridiculous amount of food. I always felt a little bit more mentally off compared to the rest of my family. Like I was always the comedic relief when the other siblings were getting kind of intense.

…our own Doug weighed in with Wakko as well:  I freaking LOVE Wakko! I think it’s the whole “Ringo Starr” vibe that initially drew me to the character, and I’ve always found him to be the funniest. His personality is just such a good foil for the other two (Yakko and Dot), and he’s a fan of food, like me.

As far as my favorite episode? I know I might catch flak for this, but it’s “Potty Emergency”. The ep is ‘Wakko-centric’, and it’s just fun brain candy. Also, I may or may not have a strong inner twelve year-old who laughs at toilet humor.
Also…25 YEARS??? (Yes, Doug…25 years)

Harry C: Helllooo Nurse! I know where the capitals of the states are thanks to this show, and they drew me in with potty humor. I’m a sucker for a classy fart joke.

David J.:  I loved Pinky and the Brain. The dichotomy of the characters was awesome. Having them come up with a new outlandish plan to take over the world every week was always enjoyable.

Favorite episode would be Tokyo Grows of course followed closely by the Brainstem musical number. Maurice LaMarche and Rob Paulsen were amazing together.

LaShon P: So not sure if he’s my favorite, but I always looked forward to the random kid that told the jokes about Randy Beaman.

He was hilarious, and I think I kinda related to him because he had one liners, and then was “ok bye. ” totally my catch phrase.

Micki M: Dot was always my favorite. In a weird little girl way she was on introduction to girl power! She was cute but never played stupid or dumb and always could one up the boys. I loved that! But then there was Pinky and the Brain and on a spiritual level I identify with Pinky for I, too, love shiny pants.

If you are an Animaniacs fan, what did you love? Leave in the comments section below!

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  2. My favorite bit on the show was “Useless Fact, and whenever they went after “Star Trek”!!!! I even met the voice of Wakko Warner Jess Harnell at Awesome Con 2015 where I asked him how he was cast, and he told me how. I told him how I thought
    the show was the spinoff of “Tiny Toon Adventures”, but it wasn’t. My favorite episode was when they went after Howard Stern!!!!


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