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Gaming Brew: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition Trailer

While it was easy to dunk on it back then, the Nintendo Gamcube really did have some fantastic games. Super Mario SunshineLuigi’s Mansion, Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, the list goes on and on. One game I always found particularly exciting was Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. It was my introduction to the series as opposed to VII or IX (don’t @ me, I was twelve), and a large part of that was the gameplay.

The game’s multiplayer relied on using Gameboy Advances as controllers via link cables. For obvious reasons, that was cost prohibitive. It was still worth revisiting, which is why it’s quite exciting to see that the game is getting a remastered edition nearly two decades later, and with global multiplayer no less. Based on what we can see in the trailer, the more cartoonish style of Crystal Chronicles is really going to translate well onto modern systems. The game was more or less an online co-op experience before that became ubiquitous anyway, so the transition should be quite seamless. While it’s a bit strange that Square is seemingly squeamish about porting the game onto Xbox One, it looks like a game that’ll be tapping into a healthy user base. I personally am looking forward to jumping back into a more classic dungeon-crawler experience here.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is coming out in Japan in 2019. No US release has been announced at this time. Be sure to leave us your thoughts on this announcement in the comments section.

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