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A Remake of Candyman By Jordan Peele? Maybe…

A cult classic horror franchise may be getting a second chance, dear readers! Thanks to one of the horror genre’s newest and most innovative creators, Clive Barker’s underrated Candyman might be coming back to the big screen!

As reported by Bloody Disgusting, filmmaker Jordan Peele (of Get Out fame) is in talks to act as producer to a remake of the 1992 horror film. Candyman, which starred Tony Todd as the titular villain, and Virginia Madsen as a grad student who inadvertently summons him while researching his legend, was (in my opinion), one of the greatest horror movies of the last few decades. If you haven’t seen any of the movies, you really should get on to fixing that. With Halloween fast approaching, it’s a great one to add to any horror collection. The film is based on a short story by horror author Clive Barker, and it’s a visceral, gritty, and scary movie set in the projects of Chicago.

Tony Todd masterfully plays the title role: the son of a slave who had his hand cut off by slave-drivers. The hand was replaced with a hook, and the young man was killed by bee stings. Now, the angry spirit of that young man can be summoned by repeating “Candyman” five times in front of a mirror (a la the “Bloody Mary” legend), whereupon he will slaughter the person who summoned him, with the hook…and bees (*shudder*).

Tony Todd Candyman

Tony Todd as the original Candyman

Sure, these are just preliminary talks, and Jordan Peele may just end up as a producer on the project, this kind of news just feels right for cinema at the moment. The horror genre seems to be having quite the time (with the recent release of The Nun and others), and thanks to Peele’s success with Get Out, more audiences are headed to the theaters for a good scare.

For Jordan Peele to throw his name behind what is frankly an under-appreciated horror franchise seems like a great way to keep the horror genre at the top of its game. The comedian-turned-filmmaker is also working on a movie Us, which is reported to be an ensemble cast film that is slated for release in March of 2019. Along with that, Peele’s name has been attached to a lot of high profile stuff. There have been rumors of both a remake of the classic Katsuhiro Otomo anime movie Akira, as well as a reboot of the once-unsettling (and often quoted) Twilight Zone.

So, while there’s no solid guarantee that Candyman will happen, I for one would love to see what Jordan Peele can do with the franchise. I’ve seen the original about 12 times, and it remains one of my favorite horror movies to this day. Peele’s talent for taking a look at society through the lens of a horror movie could do wonders for Candyman, just as it did for Get Out.


Jordan Peele

This step certainly seems like the first uttering of “Candyman” into the mirror of our zeitgeist. A few more, and Jordan Peele could release that spirit back into horror movies, for the benefit of all of us who love a great fright.

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