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Movie Brew: Mile 22

Mark Wahlberg stars in MILE 22

The new Marky Mark flick, Mile 22, is supposed to be a franchise for him and frequent collaborator Peter Berg. Unfortunately, the first one falls as flat as co-star Ronda Rousey did in her TKO from Amanda Nunes.

Mile 22 stars Wahlberg as a black ops soldier named Jimmy Silva, who finds himself tasked with transporting a foreign government’s operative to a plane to be taken to the United States. Along their 22-mile route, Silva and his team have to play shoot-em-up with hostile government agents attempting to reclaim the asset.

The movie thinks it is way smarter and more emotionally investable than it actually is. There’s a major twist at the very end that’s designed to set up a sequel (if not the entire franchise), but there are two problems with it. Firstly, it’s confusing, but explaining why it’s confusing would require me to lay out the ending. Secondly, the parts that aren’t confusing are pretty much telegraphed from the very beginning. Additionally, not a single character we’re supposed to care about is given any level of development, aside from being granted names and telling us that Lauren Cohan’s Alice is a divorced mother who barely sees her daughter because of the job and Silva is bipolar or autistic or something.

It’s also really boring, which is frankly a bit of an impressive feat since it’s an action movie. It takes more than half of the movie’s hour and a half runtime to get to the main plot. It wastes a fifteen minute prologue on telegraphing the twist and then sits around in a U.S. embassy practically doing nothing for the next thirty or so minutes as we listen to Cohan yell “f*ck” after every other word and throw things, and Wahlberg be an asshole to people.


Iko Uwais stars in STX Films’ MILE 22.

The movie does have one saving grace and that’s in Iko Uwais’s Li Noor and specifically the fight choreography involved in almost all of his character’s scenes. Like the other characters, we’re given very little information about Li other than him being a cop for the unnamed country the movie takes place in and him knowing where Silva and the CIA can find some missing Cesium 139, but he’ll only tell them if they grant him asylum in the U.S. But unlike the other characters, Li is given something mildly entertaining to watch with his bone-shattering fight scenes. There’s one particularly brutal moment where Li pulls a guy’s head through a broken car window and then drags his throat back and forth across the crushed glass.

Mile 22 may be short, but it’s still not worth the time and effort it takes to sit through it. Just go watch Mission: Impossible – Fallout again. You’ll thank me later.

Mile 22 drives into theatres this weekend with 1.5-out-of-5 gunshots.

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