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Review Brew: Red Hood And The Outlaws #24

Oh Jason…

Red Hood and The Outlaws #24
Writer: Scott Lobdell
Pencils: Dextor Soy and Alisson Borges
Colors:Veronica Gandini
Letters: Taylor Esposito
Covers:Trevor Hairsine & Antonio Fabela; Guillem March
Editors: Marie Javins; Rob Levin
Publisher: DC Comic

Willis Todd and Bruce Wayne. Two men whose lives couldn’t be more different, both touched by tragedy and whose reactions to those tragedies shaped not only them, but Gotham itself. More importantly their actions shaped the life of one Jason Peter Todd-Wayne, the ‘Damned’ Prince of Gotham and all hell has officially broken loose.

In this issue the entirety of the secrets and lies that have surrounded Jason’s (very) young life – and over 35 years of DC Comics canon – come to fruition and Jason? Jason is effing tired. Tired of his foundation constantly being derailed by the so-called adults in his life. Tired of Bruce’s ‘no kill’ policy that allows the likes of Joker and Penguin to constantly get out and get more blood on their hands. Tired of the people of Gotham being caught in the crossfire and tired of his family of choice being put in danger due to decisions they had nothing to do with. So he makes a choice, one that I cannot fault him for, not out of anger but of exhaustion.

Unfortunately he makes that choice without his family’s knowledge and when they need him more than ever as Bizarro has a breakdown of epic proportions that Artemis is ill-equipped to handle and that could have consequences not only for Biz, Artemis and Jason but the entirety of Gotham.

Dexter Soy, Allsion Borges and Veronica Gandini do stellar work this issue, as usual. One of the more interesting things in this issue is there are several moments of not knowing what is real: whether it’s a flashback, a fantasy or brutal reality. Soy, Borges and Gandini make those transition scenes so subtle yet so distinctly different that the issue demands multiple readings if for no other reason than to see all the wonderful hints about which is which you missed the first time through.

As Bruce races to confront Jason and Jason tries to save his loved ones and his city things are rapidly spinning out of control. More concerning? The third player on the board, the mystery man who has been stalking Jason, and manipulating events for some time now.

Who will reach Jason first and how bad will the fallout be from either confrontation? I can’t wait to find out.

Five monocles out of Five.

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