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3 signs on how I knew Lotor was a Frakboy

Reminder/Disclaimer: Pop Culture Uncovered is family friendly for the most part so f*** will be frak. There will be lukewarm spoilers from the latest season and coldbrew spoilers from season 5.


For those who aren’t hip, Voltron: Legendary Defender season 6 dropped on Netflix last Friday at 3am and it was what my soul needed after watching Juni Taisen and catching up on Tokyo Ghoul: re.

As I binged this season, all my thoughts about Lotor finally came together and had a meeting of the minds. It was deemed unanimously that Lotor, Son of Zarkon, is a frakboy.

For those who don’t know what a frakboy or frakboi is, I’ll default to this Urban Dictionary definition and summarize it by quoting Killer Mike: “[Y]ou can identify frakboys … because they are always doing frak s**t. Just the dumbest, weirdest, lamest possible s**t ever.”

Between seasons 5-6, I have seen the signs of a frakboy in progress and season 6 was all I needed. Here are my 3 signs on how and why I believe Lotor, is a frakboy.




  1. He tried winning over his girl’s friends

Image result for lotor and allura gif


If I know anything about frakboys, it’s how slimy and weasel-y these dudes are. If the girl they are messing with is a good one, they will try and stay as long as possible. Take advantage of all her resources and stuff. And how does one stay around for that long without supplying the Galran D? You do right by her friends.

In season 5, we were seeing a whole new side to Lotor. No longer was he a prince hellbent on taking over the galaxy to trying to please his father, he was out here trying to make peace and unity. So after he made it to the top of the mountain and was declared the new King of the Galra Empire, he made peace with Princess Allura and the rest of Voltron.

MAAAAAAN. Lemme tell you. When he got on her good side, she was hooked. The rest of the Paladins, rightfully so, were on the fence until Lotor opened his kingdom to them. The Galra Empire, the technology, the resources, the culture…all of it, he opened up freely to them and they sunk their teeth it to. In like less than 3 episodes, everyone minus Lance were pretty much giving Lotor some dap.


  1. He THREW his own women under the bus for his goals

This sign came at the very end, after I already made my conclusion, but it still functions as a KEY frakboy sign.

If you know some hoteppy/foteppy frakboys or see the posts on social media, you know how fast they are at throwing their own women under the bus. “Black women ain’t this, black women ain’t that.” That whole stuff. Lotor ain’t slick nor is he different. When he was raging with power and talked about how he was going to destroy the universe and rebuild it, he included the Galra Empire in that statement. And guess who was right there when he said that? His 3 GALRAN WOMEN GENERALS who fought by his side and were loyal to the T!

They busted him out of sooo many prisons, saved him from capture, put their lives and reputations down for him and now…when he creates a new world, they are out? No sweetie. I think the frak not!


  1. He was gassing Allura the HELL UP!

Image result for lotor and allura gif

I don’t know how they do this but frakboys just have this natural ability to make you feel like you are ultra-mega special. They can tap into the deepest part of your being and just find the right things. AND LORD DID LOTOR DO THAT!

Lotor used Allura’s want and need to know more about her people and past to his advantage. He pretty much Aladdin’d her all the way up by showing her all these new bits of Altean alchemy that she knew was real or that she could do! At every turn, he met her insecurity with reassurance and praise. He held her hand, stared deep into her eyes, and made her feel like she could conquer everything. Best believe I was screaming from the back, telling her to not fall for the frakboy eyes but next thing you know…they’re kissing.


*Surprise Bonus*: He couldn’t shut up about letting people know, he was half Altean.

Frakboys love to brag. They will be the ones to tell you that they’re half Nubian or from Egypt by the way of the spirit or some woke mess. Lotor is CLEARLY no better. His lineage is valid and I would be proud too, but yeesh man…calm down! You couldn’t even get the white lion to like you enough to show you how to tap into the true Altean alchemy. If anything, he’s more Galran than Altean based on how he acts. Is it his mom’s fault? Maybe. But that’s no excuse really.


All in all, Lotor was a genius and a tool. And just like most frakboys, I can find a way to justify his way of being. He’s pretty. And that’s all that matters.

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