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With the new ongoing comic book series SWORD DAUGHTER, writer Brian Wood, artist Mack Chater and Dark Horse Comics are unleashing a Viking revenge saga unlike any other. The co-creators of the acclaimed Briggs Land, along with colorist Jose Villarubia, letterer Nate Piekos and cover artist Greg Smallwood, are creating a raw and violent story that is a testament to the power of redemption and the resiliency of family, and a visually stunning tribute to samurai cinema.

In SWORD DAUGHTER, the Forty Swords arrive at night and, under the cover of darkness, murder an entire village. Only two people survive the slaughter: the infant Elsbeth and her grief-stricken father, Dag. Setting off on a revenge quest that will span the width of Viking Age Europe, they find the key to repairing their damaged relationship lies in the swords they carry.

Each oversized issue of the first story arc of SWORD DAUGHTER by Wood, Chater, colorist Jose Villarubia and letterer Nate Piekos features 28 story pages, covers by Greg Smallwood and variant covers by co-creator Chater. SWORD DAUGHTER issue 1 is on sale now.

sword daughter

Here’s what critics are saying:

“A quest for vengeance, a damaged father-daughter relationship, and a duel to the death… [SWORD DAUGHTER] is a raw and violent Viking revenge story.” ― SYFY

“If you’re a fan of Wood’s past Viking-era dramas like Northlanders and Black Road, or even his Revolutionary War series Rebels, Sword Daughter is the spiritual successor you’ve been waiting for.” ― COMICBOOK.COM

“Issues of bloodshed, abandonment, familial obligations and more run throughout Sword Daughter. With this first issue, Woods and Chater have taken steps toward the making of a modern classic.” ― MAJOR SPOILERS

“A sweeping revenge saga.” ― PASTE MAGAZINE

“The setup is great… It’s a revenge tale about a man realizing his duties as a father and maybe, just maybe, how he gets his mojo back…. This isn’t Brian Wood’s first foray in historical fiction and it shows. It feels valid, real, and well researched. It’s a world where, if you don’t fight back you’ll be crushed.”  ―ADVENTURES IN POOR TASTE

“Fantastic.” ― FIRST COMIC NEWS

“Haunting.” ― GEEKORAMA

“You cannot help but be impressed.” ―  COMIC CRUSADERS

“Brian Wood and Mack Chater, the creative team who gave us the raw and emotional Briggs Land. In Sword Daughter, a father and daughter, the Viking Dag and the infant Elsbeth, set out to cut a swath of revenge against those who slaughtered their village. Blending the Viking revenge saga with the artfulness of classic samurai cinema, Sword Daughter is anchored by the relationship of that father/daughter pair and whether it can be repaired.” ― FREAK SUGAR

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  1. I loved Briggs Land by Wood/Chater- so I will definitely check this new series out!


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