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Review Brew: ‘Valiant High #2’

Valiant’s heroes go back to high school in Valiant High

Valiant High #2
Written by: Daniel Kibblesmith
Art by: Derek Charm
Published by: Valiant Comics
Price: $3.99
Release date: 06/06/2018

What happens when you take the heroes from the Valiant Universe and put them in high school? Well to answer that question we have to take a little trip down to Valiant High.

The story of Valiant High #2 is pretty straightforward. It’s our favorite heroes in high school trying to learn to drive or ask each other to Homecoming or just trying to survive Coach Bloodshot’s super powered dodgeball game called “bloodball”. Livewire is trying to pass her drivers ed test when she gets into an accident. Aria, aka X-O Manowar, has his pick of the litter when it comes to Homecoming dates but only has eyes for one person. Ninjak is the new kid in school but he is trying to make over Peter Stanchek. I can go on and on.

I absolutely love the writing in this series. It feels like a love letter to the various groups of outcasts that would have been in any high school. That goes to show the reader how talented Daniel Kibblesmith is as a writer. When reading this, I did get a feel of the X-Men but I also got the comedic situations of Archie. The story is fun and the humor is great. The standout character for me in this book is definitely Bloodshot and how he yells at everyone. It was so funny seeing him give Livewire her driving test only for it to end in failure.

The art by Derek Charm is perfect for this series and once again I get the tone of Archie Comics in this. During the “bloodball” game the art seamlessly flows from panel to panel. The characters all look simple while also taking on the traits of the heroes they will one day become. Ninjak is smooth and stylish compared to Bloodshot who is rough around the edges. Harada looks and talks like a villain from a James Bond film and it fits him perfectly.

I am looking forward to the ongoing adventures of Valiant High and I am excited to see where it goes.

5 screaming Bloodshots out of 5.

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