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Rage 2: Intro to the Machine

When Rage 2 was finally announced, I got some funny reactions from some of my friends at the 410wned Gaming Podcast. Kevin Zerner said that was surprised that this is now a reality and “that the game looks great.” Jackie Fingaz said “I loved the first game, so f**king hyped!!” My favorite response was from Matt Dunnigan on the show, who asked, “There was a Rage 1?”

Yes, there was a Rage 1, but you don’t need to play it if you want to play Rage 2.

Rage was a FPS from id Software that came out October 2011. It received mostly good reviews, and even some accolades like “Best Overall Game” from IGN E3 Awards. There were some critiques of it being unoriginal, but any gamer who liked the Fallout or Borderlands series would find plenty of hours of fun. You might still find it used at your local game store. Rage is also backwards compatible, so you can buy it now to play on your Xbox One.

Now let’s talk about Rage 2. That’s the more important one anyway. What should you expect and is it worth pre-ordering?

Pete Hines, Senior VP at Bethesda, confirmed that we will get more details at the upcoming E3 conference next week. What we know right now is that this game will be made by two studios: id Software and Avalanche Studios. You know id Software as the people who brought us the very fun Doom reboot, while Avalanche Studios are the ones behind the Just Cause series. This makes me think this game will have some wacky fun all over the map (if the trailer didn’t already imply this). Avalanche Studios also made the Mad Max game from a few years ago which shows experience of open-world games with melee and vehicle combat, and this looks to be a big part of the upcoming game.


Analysis of the trailer shows that there will be homages to the old game, but with improvements to weaponry, vehicles, armor design, and the landscape. We also see where id Software’s expertise comes in with creative (and creepy) mutant creatures in lush environments. The tongue and cheek approach is something we know Avalanche is good at. I think we can trust both studios to give us a fun experience that will keep us occupied for hours.

Finally, let’s talk pre-orders. I know pre-orders have dropped lately thanks for large hype for terrible games (*cough* No Man’s Sky *cough*). However, this pre-order set up doesn’t look so bad. According to GameStop, you will receive an exclusive mission called “Cult of the Death God” with a pre-order of Rage 2. In this mission, you will meet the Nicolas Raine, the protagonist of the first game and, upon completion, will get some fun gear including a monster truck. I think that this alone makes it worth the pre-order, provided we get a solid gameplay trailer either at or after E3.

All I know is, I’m intrigued and I may see you all in the wasteland. Look for the bright pink Monster Truck.


Rage 2 will be available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

So what do you think? Did you play Rage? Are you excited for Rage 2? Let us know your thoughts below, and be sure to check out Pop Culture Uncovered’s E3 predictions for more info on what we might see at this year’s conference!

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