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Overwatch and Nerf Guns: Two Great Games that Game Great Together

Overwatch has become a legitimate phenomenon, from FPS players to fans of the setting, clothing to eSports, and more. Every time we think Blizzard can’t keep riding this juggernaut further, they prove us wrong.

The latest is a teaser tweet about Overwatch Nerf guns:

For those long absent from (or never present in) the Nerf scene, Nerf Rival is Hasbro’s answer to paintball. No more flimsy, breakable darts, unreliable loading mechanisms, and multiple ammunition sizes. Nerf Rival uses a single type of foam ball that easily loads into magazines (and feeds) and allows for faster rate-of-fire and accuracy.

Blizzard joining forces with Hasbro suggests we’ll see a variety of Nerf guns inspired by our favorite Overwatch characters. The real question is: which ones?

To be honest, I’m expecting the “easiest” ones to imitate, both in look and mechanisms. My prediction includes Reaper, Soldier 76, Sombra, and Tracer.


Honestly, some of these might even be repainted or modified versions of current Nerf Rival guns. The Nemesis MXVII-10K already looks (and fires) like a Heavy Pulse Rifle, and the Khaos MXVI-4000 could easily be reskinned into a Machine Pistol or Pulse Pistol.

This opportunity might also be perfect for introducing Nerf Rival versions of their original “sniper” line, like the N-Strike Longstrike CS-6. What better way to give Widowmaker or Ana some love?

What I’d like to see is them go a step forward with Nerf Rival into the realm of fully-automatic, similar to the N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25. Could you imagine entering a battle with a Nerf Fusion Driver or Gatling Gun? (Even if it means getting into Sentry Mode!)

Nerf guns are already a favorite among cosplayers because they’re easily modified and painted and can often pass security measures and weapons policies (depending on the con). Not to mention, when allowed, using them is just plain fun!

With Nerf Rival guns made to look like Overwatch weapons, they’ll be ideal for many cosplayers. No more long hours or money spent modifying – now you can buy your Hellfire Shotguns from the store!

All I know is, if they offer a Nerf Auto-Cannon Turret, I will go full Torbjörn as my first cosplay.

I foresee great things for you, Blizzard and Nerf!


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  1. Doug T. // May 18, 2018 at 5:33 pm //

    Yeah… I’m gonna need a few of these, I think.


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