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TV Brew: Westworld – The Riddle Of The Sphinx

The sins of the fathers…

Remember how I said in the previous episode that Teddy’s purity was going to get everyone in trouble? Well the fallout has begun as the Man In Black and Lawrence run full speed into the next level effboi that is Craddock. Homeboy is wilding out all over the place, taking Lawrence’s hometown and family hostage, plotting to murder Dolores and Teddy while still heading for ‘Glory’ and generally being a giant douche canoe. This all leads to some very interesting character development for William and Lawrence as the former starts to rediscover his humanity while the later starts remembering things he absolutely shouldn’t.

Meanwhile in flashback land we get confirmation of what I suspected all along: Delos is using Arnold and Ford’s tech to upload rich folks brains into copies, starting with James Delos himself. Except, also as I suspected, Ford knew exactly what Delos was doing because it’s not quite working as it should be. We discover this in the present at the same time we find out that Elsie is alive! Yes, our favorite tech is back and in a hint that Bernarnold was actually fighting Ford’s control way back in season one it’s revealed that instead of killing Elsie he kidnapped her; leaving her in a safe zone where – at the time – neither hosts nor Delos employees would find her, in hopes of rescuing her later. This works in his favor now as Elsie, who a: Always preferred the hosts over her fellow humans and b: Trusted and loved Bernard like a father, sets out to fix Bernarnold so he doesn’t go offline almost immediately. After a few – gun and trust based – bumps their relationship falls back into place as if nothing happened and watching these two together, even with the sheer nightmare they walk into when they find James, is a welcome reminder that even in Westworld some bonds can’t be broken.

What I found fascinating in this episode, besides all the reveals regarding what’s been going on in the black sites, are the dynamics that keep getting reinforced throughout. This season has been all about parents and their children: from Maeve’s quest to find her daughter; to Arnold and Ford’s metaphorical children growing up; to William’s relationship to both his beloved father-in-law to his daughter. Each of these relationships are the impetuous behind so much of what’s currently happening at the park and will shape the future of what happens outside of it. Unfortunately, a lot of blood is going to be spilled before a resolution, peaceful or otherwise, will be found.

System Data

  • The reason the upload of James failed repeatedly? There were no reveries built into his programming. Something only Ford and Arnold truly knew how to do.
  • Akecheta has been rescuing and releasing humans during this entire mess and killing his fellow host. As we now know he was one of the originals, the question is: why?
  • The Battlestar Galactica homages continue in this episode and I love it.
  • Ford’s next level pettiness towards William gives me life. You know how petty you have to be to make sure to eff with someone from beyond the grave? Between Ford and Farouk over on Legion I strive to be this petty when I grow up.
  • I love Elsie so much. Y’all we gotta get that #PrayerCircleForElsie going…

The episode ends with several huge reveals, Bernarnold keeping secrets from himself and me freaking out because I’m genuinely terrified about what’s going to happen next. In other words, all is as it should be…

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