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Rounding out the Star Wars galaxy: our favorite minor characters

Another May the Fourth is upon us.

And at PCU, we will take any opportunity to celebrate our love of Star Wars. For nearly 41 years, the franchise has had a hold of our hearts – and wallets.

Forty (plus) years of movie, TV, book and comic lore means there’s a lot to love (and sometimes hate).  And like any good fans, each of us at PCU has a favorite main character or sidekick whom we identify with most — favorite heroes, loveable rogues, adorable droids and menacing (or sometimes not-so-menacing) villains.

But for whatever weird reason, we are also drawn to the Dengars, the Aurra Sings, the Salacious Crumbs. So, for Star Wars Day, I collected a list of some of our most beloved obscure and strange Star Wars characters.



I admit, I’m a big fan of a lot of the more sinister characters in the background of Star Wars movies. The bounty hunters, the spies, the scoundrels. I always want to know just a little bit more. That is definitely true for Bazine Netal, the spy at Maz Kanata’s bar who we see clad in herringbone-esque black-and-white , lounging on her partner-in-villainy Grummgar before she snitches BB-8 out to the First Order.


My favorite minor character would have to be Snap Wexley. I love that he is a great pilot and I love how he was utilized in the Aftermath Trilogy. He also had a pretty cool Battle Droid.


BiggsWhen I was little we always rented the same movies from the video store: Ninja Turtles cartoons, Secret Garden, and so on.  One day my dad said, “Today, I’m going to choose the movie,” and he chose Star Wars. My sister and I loved it, but we loved nothing in it more than Biggs.  I don’t know what it was about him (the mustache) but we latched onto him and his black/gold checkered helmet, despite his continually letting Luke down in the Death Star battle.  The rebels are picked off one by one, with even Wedge peacing out, but noble Biggs was still there! Our hero! Our favorite! We would’ve watched Luke die in that moment, but suddenly, “Wait! Wait!” and Darth Vader shot him down.  I think we were more crushed than his so-called best friend.

Gasgano is an interesting guy.  He’s a four-armed podracer with a sick green, finned pod.  He is like a first draft of the Kaminoans and a throwback to a “grey” alien from earthly legend.  He’s got some sweet goggles and did I mention how cool his green podracer is? He doesn’t do much in the movie, except not die–which already helps him stand out.  But, his skills and his not-dying landed him 2nd place in the Boonta Eve Classic! Anakin began his hero’s journey, Sebulba ate shit, and Gasgano walked away with silver, unscathed.



Cornelius Evazan. Just the idea of some drunk idiot squaring off against strangers in a bar full of “scum & villainy” is funny to me for some reason.

willrow-hood-star-wars-ice-cream-man-lucasfilm (1).jpg

Everyone should have a soft spot for Willrow Hood, the Ice Cream Maker Guy. That man knows to save the ice cream during a Cloud City evac.


Bor Gullet already knows how I feel about him.



Nien Nunb: in the most critical and dangerous times for the rebellion offensive above Endor, he was a constant source of encouragement through laughter as co-pilot to Lando Calrissian.


Momaw Nadon. The hammerhead dude. No idea what his deal was, but the toy was cool. He was in the Cantina. Everyone looked wild in the Cantina.


I love that every “Star Wars” extra has a story. It makes the universe bigger that they aren’t just background to fill out a set piece. We owe a lot of it to the media that filled in between “Return of the Jedi” and “The Phantom Menace.” In addition to short story anthologies like “Tales from Jabba’s Palace,” and “Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina,” we had West End Games RPG and Decipher’s Living Card Game taking split-second shots of film and then developed back stories.
I love Davin Felth, the Tonnika Sisters, Muftak, Momaw Nadon … but the best is Lt. Sheckil. He’s an Imperial officer who grew up in the Mandalorian colony of Concord Dawn. He has just a few scenes escorting Princess Leia on Cloud City, but I’m partial to him. It might be because he’s played by Jeremy Bulloch.


R5-D4.  Either R2-D2 sabotaged him … or we can believe that Force story from Star Wars Tales. I actually had the original figure, since I couldn’t find R2 back in the day.



Zuckuss and 4-LOM will always remain my favorite background characters, as they were so alien and badass looking. I’m so disappointed they haven’t gotten the love in the cartoons and comics that Bossk and Dengar have, but there’s plenty of time to learn more!



The Kaminoans. Why? Because they had the smoothest walk

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