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Is Disney Taking the Star Wars IP from EA?

Two Star Wars games in, and rumors have started swirling that Disney may have already started shopping the Star Wars IP around. It’s not for a lack of trying however, as while the first Battlefront game was wildly popular for the multiplayer aspect, gamers were hoping that the 2nd one would improve with the addition of a well thought out single player campaign. Star Wars Battlefront II sold an underwhelming 9 million units and counting, and the lootbox fiasco and lukewarm reception to the multiplayer game may have soured whatever goodwill gamers had towards EA Dice.

Of course, Disney holding the Star Wars IP still hasn’t sat well with a lot of fans, but that is another story. With Disney holding the license, however, they want to make sure that their money is made with a quality product. So, if Disney shopped the license around, who might the contenders be?

One big contender could be Ubisoft. The developer has a good track record with the Assassin’s Creed games, as well as the Tom Clancy series. One could only imagine if the Star Wars IP was given to Ubisoft, that we could possibly see more story-driven games in the same vein of Assassin’s Creed. Even if a tactical shooter was done, just think about Star Wars being done similar to Rainbow Six or even a stealth game like Splinter Cell. I would really love to get the best out of Inferno Squad – if such a game could be done. Also it seemed like Ubisoft learned from their mistakes after putting a stop to yearly iterations of Assassin’s Creed; thus a Star Wars game would be a good fit.

On the other hand, another possibility is that Activision Games could get the licence. Here where things would get interesting. First off, as soon as gamers think Activision and Star Wars, we could already envision a Call of Duty style game being produced. Depending on your love/hate relationship with the series, a Star Wars shooter produced by Activision may not necessarily be a bad thing. As long as it’s not done on a yearly basis, a Star Wars shooter could thrive well under Activision as Call of Duty games have shown. But there is one other game type that we could consider and that is a tactical RPG type game a’la Marvel Ultimate Alliance. How so? Because Activision had a hand in publishing the MUA games in the early 2000s, and the House of Mouse is sitting on the Marvel license. So, if Disney ever considered bringing Activision in to do their games, we could get a variety of game styles instead of mostly shooters.

Besr in mind, all of this is pure speculation – especially in the light of Respawn’s untitled Star Wars game in the works. For all we know, Disney may have created this rumor just to light a fire under EA Dice to put a better product out to gamers. But the possibility is there. EA Dice seems to be struggling with the Star Wars IP, and if somehow they fail with a third title, I don’t see Disney sticking around for a fourth screw up.

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  1. Everybody forgets the wild success of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, (EA published, Capital Games developed). Because it’s mobile, I suppose.

    Also SWTOR, though that was technically developed prior to the exclusive arrangement, and is … not so successful.


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