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Kingdom Come: Deliverance – How to survive in this DIY RPG

I picked up Kingdom Come Deliverance last week, and despite its bugs and ‘herky-jerky’ graphics, I feel like this game could be a diamond in the rough. I won’t do a full blown review here; sufficed to say that this game isn’t for everyone. I will, however, offer a few basic tips; because unlike Skyrim, The Witcher 3 and a few others, this game is a DIY RPG that plays more like a 1st person version of The Sims where you have to pay full attention to Henry and his needs. You have to do nearly everything yourself to get ahead. If you don’t, you will pay the consequences.

The Good:

  • Interesting take on a historical area of Bohemia in the 15th century
  • Because of its grounded nature, the game encourages players to be creative in their approach.
  • The graphics (when not plagued by bugs) can be very excellent. There is an extraordinary level of detail in many objects in the game.
  • The storytelling is strong in this game.

The Bad

  • The combat system is wonky and will take getting used to.
  • Occasionally you will see weird graphic drops in some of the oddest of places.
  • The NPC dialogue tree can sometimes not make sense during the flow of conversation.
  • The in-game saves can be a deal breaker if you die after making huge progress.

Thankfully, there is word that Warhorse may be fixing the save system; but in the meantime let me offer some points of advice if you plan on venturing into this game

  • Save as often as you can, as the Savior Schnapps is not the end all be all to the game. There is nothing worse than playing for an hour, then dying only having to start back at the point of the last save.
  • Some sword fights are worth avoiding. This isn’t Skyrim. When you are outnumbered…RUN.
  • Please wash and eat. This is tantamount in how you function and interact with others.
  • Fast Travel is not foolproof, you can sometimes still be assaulted by robbers. I mean come on…we are still talking about a mostly lawless time here!
  • You have to learn how to use weapons, so you may not be able to use stolen ones right away.
  • Speaking of weapons…pay attention to your stamina as you head into battle. Button Mashing will get you killed quickly. Time your strikes accordingly and you might live.
  • See a weird or colorful plant? Harvest it! You may be able to use it later at the apothecary
  • Don’t take haggling for granted.
  • Also, it’s “ok” to thieve. This game is about survival of the fittest, and you are not going to get rich by being totally honest in this game. Knock out a few guards, learn lock picking, and when possible, rob the right (or wrong) people blind.
  • Which brings us to the most important point…THIS GAME AIN’T ABOUT YOU.  You are not ‘the hero’, you are playing this from the POV as just another guy trying to make it in the world. Once you respect that, this game gets better.

Any other survival tips we may have missed? Leave them in the comments below

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  1. Nice post! My boyfriend loves video games! I’m going to suggest this game to him so he can give it a try 🙂


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