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So why did you NOT see Black Panther?

As Monday dawns, records will have been made and shattered with the new Black Panther movie. It’s one of the most talked about super hero movies in a long time and has had a bigger opening than Deadpool did in February 2 years ago. But, we all know that there are some people* didn’t see it. Some were just lazy AF to go, others who were haters, who out of every flavor in the world, chose to be salty and others…well. So we asked around to gauge an idea of why people didn’t support perhaps the best superhero movie ever and here is what they had to say.

*The names below were changed to protect the mostly innocent.

Chad Ross: I am a white nationalist and I came down with an acute case of anal glaucoma when this movie released. Also why does the Black Panther have to be black? Why can’t we have a White Panther?

Jermaine Jalill: I was told by somebody else that this movie only finances white people. I haven’t checked this information out myself but all that money people are spending to see the movie, they can use for going to Africa or diversifying their funds…hotep my brotha. #StayWoke

Becky White: The movie supports the terrorist organization known as The Black Panther Party.

D’Quan Jones: Because waiting in line and paying $15 to see a movie of this impact on our community is too much to ask – especially when I can watch it on Kodifor free. I gotz bills to pay, son!  Now excuse me while I get in line in front of the shoe store so that I can drop $150 on these brand new Jordans as they are being delivered from the manufacturer in China. I hope I still got my KFC job tomorrow.

Phil Lenello (from his mom’s basement): Because I already read the Wiki plot recap and it’s weak.

Breitbart News: Because there was no LGBT representation.

Rajesh Pradeep:  I thought it was about Bagheera from the Jungle Book.

Mai Ling: It’s Chinese New Years and I have familial duties and parties to attend!! #Tigermomsrawk!

Larneesha Williams: It is over 2 hours… That is too long to sit in a theater. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Ian Goldstein: I’m afraid that the theater will be filled with black people and I don’t want to get shot.

Willa Mae Flowers: I don’t like movies with too many black people in them. The last movie that disturbed me was Malcolm X.

Raheem Mahmoud:  I thought it was a Huey Newton biopic. I don’t like superhero movies.

Frisky DaKatt: The lack of panthers in that movie is not a fair representation. Too many humans.

A Random Unidentified 60 something Comic Nerd: They changed the costume too much from the original design. I hate change.

Richie Herbert Busch: It’s Presidents Day weekend and I want to honor our president this weekend. #MAGA

Tommy Barnes: Because the amount of Black people in this movie was…

Jimmie Hulmes:  Because I was told that guns were not allowed into the theater. Argh! The Voices in my head!

Joe Deans: Because I’m upset that after 17 years of wondering where Wallace was that they went ahead and spoiled it in the trailers/commercials.

Vanessa Bonet:  I heard that there wasn’t any light skinned black people in it, I don’t feel represented.

An Anonymous Female GOP Senator: I was ok with all the black people in it, but I found out there would be like A LOT of colored women in lead roles, making lots of money and that’s too much for me. It made me feel threatened.

Bonnie Clyde: Because I can’t find any Black friends to go with me.

Alexis Hillabroad: Because Fox and Friends said it will be horrible and Fox and Friends are always right.

Random Cat Lady on the 3rd floor: I talked with my cats and they are very offended. They said that guy doesn’t look like a Black Panther. Their great great great grandmother on their father’s side was a Black Panther. So I can’t go. Power to the Pussies!

Xiaming Wayne: Um, as a half-Asian I’m extremely upset about the underrepresentation of Asians in this movie. Asia has panthers too!!

A Rapper named PimpFayce Da’ Gun: No use of the N word and that offends me…plus a G like me ain’t payin’ for parking…that’s what my baby mamas are for!

An Anonymous Celebrity Tweeter:  I was told that Wakanda is not accurately depicted as a shithole country.

These reasons and more are probably can’t always have and enjoy nice things. So what was your reason for not going? Make it a good one and drop in the comments below!



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  2. Thanks for sharing these! Wow! Are these actually real? I’m literally blown away by some of these comments! But, for some of these people, it’s better that they didn’t attend. Smh.


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