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TV Brew: Star Trek: Discovery S1 E15 “Will You Take My Hand”

The first season of Star Trek: Discovery came to an end this past Sunday, and I would rate the initial 15 episodes a success for the most part. I have to say that the final episode felt rushed, it would have benefited from a longer run time of at least 90 minutes. I understand the need of the show-runners to wrap up certain plot threads in order to gear up for the start of production of season 2 in April, but sometimes loose threads keep you going for years, i.e., Lost.

***Spoilers. If you have not watched episode 15 “Will You Take My Hand”***

I am not going to go deep into recap here, as for this writer; the season finale was by far my least favorite episode of the season. Long story short, the plan to map the Klingon home world, Qo’noS, is just a ruse by both the Terran Emperor/imposter Captain Georgiou to destroy the planet. The Emperor brings along Burhnam, Ash, and cutie-pie Tilly for this great campaign. The back alleys of Qo’noS are beyond seedy, allowing Georgiou to get her rocks off with a couple hookers, Tilly to get high on volcanic smoke, and Burhnam to have a serious heart to heart with Ash on life, love, and how the Klingons killed her parents. In the end, Burhnam is able to convince Starfleet to have the captured Kilngon torturess L’Rell reunify the split Klingon houses, ending the war with kind of a whimper. She gets her record expunged, her rank returned, and gives a prototypical Trek speech to the smiling faces of Starfleet Command. All is now well in the Alpha Quadrant! Discovery needs a new Captain, so it is off to Vulcan to pick he/she up, but only using warp speed, the spore drive is suddenly no longer ethical with a human interface. The ship is moving along, when what do our wondering eye should appear, but a garbled distress signal from a certain ship, NCC-1701. It’s the Enterprise with Captain Pike!! What’s wrong? Will we see Spock? Will Kirk and the gang show up as cadets? Oh cliffhangers, we love and hate you at the same time!!

There was a ton that went right with Season 1, some serious missteps, but for me the finale was a clunker. An epic war ends with barely any conflict, Georgiou gave up way too easy, Ash and Michael ended too cleanly. And to be perfectly honest, I don’t want to see the Enterprise. I signed up for new adventures with new characters, not a retread. And why does Burhnam looked shocked to see Enterprise? Isn’t it the flagship of the Federation? I will gladly watch next season, but I will admit, this ending left me with a serious case of Romulan Ale hangover.

1.5 spores out of 5

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