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Review Brew: Justice League of America #23

Justice League of America #23

Admittedly, I picked the wrong time jump back in on this book and unfortunately also right in the middle of a story line so I doubled back and red the prior issue so I can get caught up on this book. Either way I still was unimpressed.

The Plot: (from DC Comics) The Queen of Fables has begun granting the wishes of everyone across the globe, and with each wish granted, her powers grow greater. The Justice League has to police people’s dangerous wishes while one of their own, Killer Frost, has her greatest wish granted by the Queen…

The Good: The artwork by Daniel Henriques and Neil Edwards was the only thing that really kept me engaged. Also, considering what kind of push that Killer Frost has been getting on the Flash TV show in examining her dual yin and yang nature, it was nice to see a story of temptation with Frost front and center.

The Bad: The story overall is so pedestrian. We have been here before so many different times. Again, this is a story of temptation and I think the book dawdles too much on setting up the midchapter just to introduce us to Promethia at the end. Also in the previous book, while it was a nice touch to bring back a character in Tsaritsa, that we haven’t seen in almost 20 years, the pace of the story is nothing to write home about. We have seen many stories about the dangers of getting what you wish for and there is not too many ways of putting a spin on this. Also, this may be just another attempt for DC to crap on Alan Moore’s legacy.

The Bottom Line: There is nothing new here that you haven’t already seen. If you are invested in the storyline, then pick this up, otherwise if you are returning to the series, be warned that jumping in here may not be a good place to start.

1.5 Wishes out of 5

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