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TV Brew: Star Trek Discovery S1 E10

Yesterday, I wrote an article on where we are and what I am looking forward to with Star Trek: Discovery, and the time has arrived to feast!

The second half premiere of Star Trek:Discovery is almost too much to take, and I do not want to spoil the party for any streaming watchers who may watch or binge at another time, so if that is you, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

**Spoilers be ahead, Captain**

  • We pick up right where Episode 9 left off, with the ship and crew in the middle of a debris field of wasted ships. The ships, however, have the incorrect structures to be of the known..wait for it…universe. Which means that they are trapped in a MIRROR UNIVERSE!!!
  • If Lt. Tyler ain’t Voq, then I’m a tribble. Flashbacks, chants to Kahless, and murderous ways leave little doubt that Tyler’s PTSD is a psychological cover for his true identity.
  • The USS Defiant is somehow the focal point of everything in the universe. It is the damned Grays Sports Almanac of the Federation time line.
  • Captain Lorca’s accent while posing as the ships Chief Engineer – gold!!
  • Shocking deaths are no longer just a zombie show thing.
  • Captain Tilly is a thing in the Mirror, and a damned hot thing!
  • Women kick ass in ALL universes!
  • Jonathan Frakes knows how to direct Trek!!

The second half of the season is set to be a fast-paced thrill ride, that seems to already be snatching bits of Trek canon left and right. The coming attractions already teased a goateed Sarak, so could we get a glimpse of a younger Spock?  Will Lorca survive his torture or perhaps squeal about their universe as a result? Will Tyler come to grips with his identity and attempt to destroy Burnham, or protect he regardless out of love?

Star Trek: Discovery has certainly started the second stanza off strong, let’s see where it goes.


What did did you think of the second half premiere?  What are you hoping to see with the remaining episode in Season One?

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